More then a 100 Skills for the Modern Homestead

A few lists from a couple different web sites, there are duplicates which I will get rid of but for my own information of what I need to learn myself this is a good start, a bit overwhelming , but a start.

A few of many

A few of many homestead skills

Why not finally get rid of the TV and ditch Facebook in 2013?
Dare to find a new way of life.
Every skill that you learn will be one step closer to a life of greater self-reliance and independence.

1. Milk a goat, cow, or sheep.

2. Compost both kitchen scraps and animal manure.

3.  Make the perfect pie crust.

4. Learn how to cook a whole chicken.

5. Grow a vegetable garden in your climate.

6. Know how to properly prune and graft a fruit tree.

7. Learn first-aid and CPR.

8. Know how to dehydrate foods to preserve for later use.

9. Give an animal an injection (the muscle, in the vein, or under the skin)

10. Assist with foaling, kidding, lambing, and/or calving.

11. Know how to assist an animal with a difficult birth.

12. Grow a windowsill herb garden.

13. Learn how to safely cut down a tree.

14. Make perfect sausage gravy from scratch.

15. Know how to drive a manual transmission and/or tractor.

16. Learn basic metal working skills and welding.

17. Master basic mechanic skills so you can fix your tractors and vehicles.

18. Change a tire and change oil.

19. Learn how to hunt wild game–both large and small.

20. Know how to properly handle, shoot, and clean a gun.

21. Learn the laws and regulations regarding hunting wild game in your area through a Hunter’s Safety course.

22. Learn how to humanely kill, gut, and clean an animal.

23. Know how to butcher an animal and the proper cuts of meat.

24. Learn how to kill and pluck a chicken.

25. Use a smoker to smoke cheeses, meat, bacon, hams, etc.

26. Learn how to fish.

27. Learn how to clean, fillet, and cook fish.

28. Learn how to tell if your chickens are molting.

29. Know how to tell if you can doctor an animal at home, or if it needs to be taken to the vet.

30. Dry laundry using a drying rack or clothesline.

31. Make your own laundry detergent.

32. Know how to build a fire.

33. Cook over an open fire or on a wood cookstove.

34. Make cheese–master simple soft cheeses and hard cheeses too.

35. Learn how to make yogurt.

36. Make sourdough bread and maintain your own starter.

37. Keep bees and harvest honey.

38. Make basic yeast dough which can be turned into loaves, rolls, buns, pretzels, etc.

39. Incubate fertilized eggs and hatch your own chicks.

40. Learn how to identify and manage a broody hen.

41. Learn how to cut, bale, and stack hay.

42. Make your own jellies and jams.

43. Master the art of intensive grazing so you can better manage your pastures.

44. Make your own soap.

45. Make your own candles.

46. Learn how to darn a sock.

47. Mend damaged clothes so they don’t have to be thrown away.

48. Sew clothing and fabric items from scratch.

49. Knit, quilt,  or crochet

50. Learn the art of no-till gardening.

51. Learn how to candle eggs so you can tell if they are fertilized.

52. Cook outside with a dutch oven.

53. Heat your home with wood or other sustainable sources.

54. Trim the feet of your goats and sheep.

55. Learn how to build and fix fence.

56. Master basic carpentry skills so you can repair outbuildings or even build basic furniture pieces.

57. Learn how to tan a hide.

58. Learn how to save seeds.

59. Use a water bath canner to preserve foods.

60. Learn how to use lacto-fermentation to preserve foods.

61. Learn how to use a pressure canner and/or cooker.

62. Make your own sauerkraut.

63. Forage for wild edibles in your area.

64. Learn how to identify the difference between edible and poisonous mushrooms.

65. Learn how to identify the difference between harmless and venomous snakes in your area.

66. Grind your own wheat for baking.

67. Repurpose everyday items to save them from the landfill.

68. Learn how to sharpen a knife or ax.

69. Learn how to prepare for a blizzard.

70. Learn how to prepare for a wildfire.

71. Understand the basics of animal breeding.

72. Learn how to work together with your neighbors to accomplish more and foster a sense of community.

73. Know how to halter-break and train an animal.

74. Learn how to harvest, split, and stack firewood.

75. Learn how to make butter.

76. Learn how to use essential oils properly and safely.

77. Build/use a greenhouse or cold frame to extend your growing season.

78. Learn how to start seeds indoors.

79. Store food in a root cellar or in a cool basement.

80. Make your own vinegar.

81. Make your own skincare items.

82. Make your own cleaning supplies.

83. Learn how to make herbal extracts, infusions, poultices, and tinctures.

84. Learn how to render lard or tallow.

85. Learn how to chop ice.

86. Learn how to make and apply whitewash.

87. Tap trees for maple syrup.

88. Learn how to repair a roof.

89. Know how to humanely euthanize an animal.

90. Understand how to identify the weeds in your yard/pastures and figure out which ones are edible.

91. Learn how to back up a trailer.

92. Know how to purify water.

93. Learn how to make bone broth.

94. Know how to use non-electric lighting.

95. Put together a 72-hour kit for emergencies.

96. Learn how to cook eggs in a cast iron skillet without a sticky mess.

97. Put food scraps like eggshells, coffee grounds, apple peels, and whey to good use.

98. Make your own bacon and cured hams.

99. Know how to protect your livestock from predators.

100. Learn how to make your own chicken feed.

101. Live within your means and get out of debt.

102. Learn about aquaponics or fish farming.

103. Make your own ammunition, or reload ammunition.

104. Shear a sheep and process the wool.

105. Learn how to spin wool.

106. Know basic plumbing skills (like unclogging a toilet!)

107. Learn how to install/use a composting toilet

108. Make your own paper.

109. Learn how to use vermiculture (composting with worms) to create nutrient-rich food for your garden.

110. Make your own fishing lures or spears.

111. Use alternative energy sources like solar or wind to power your homestead.

112. Implement natural pest control measures.

113. Learn how to tie a variety of basic knots.

114. Learn how to make and set traps.

115. Know how to clean, dress, stitch/staple a wound in the event of an emergency.

116. Learn how to weave.

117. Learn how to make natural dyes.

118. Understand how to propagate plants through root cuttings.

119. Learn how to clear pasture and brush.

120. Master the art of home brewing.

121.  Learn how to make baskets.

122.  Learn how to safely use a chainsaw

2. Learn how to grow a vegetable plant
3. Learn how to sharpen any edge tool – knife, axe, hoe, chisel etc.
4. Learn basic firearm safety and gun proof your children and grandchildren
5. Learn how to dub a chicken
6. Learn how to read the weather
7. Learn how to spin wool, cotton or flax into thread or yarn on a spinning wheel or with a drop spindle
8. Learn how to use a garden shovel, spade or hoe without hurting your back
9. Learn how to light a fire indoors or outdoors
10. Learn how to go to a country auction and not get skinned
11. Learn how to crochet
12. Learn how to butcher small livestock like rabbits or chickens
13. Learn how to hang clothes on a clothesline
14. Learn basic tractor maintenance
15. Learn the differences between trees and the unique properties of various types of wood
16. Learn how to cook 10 basic meals from scratch
17. Learn how to pasteurize milk
18. Learn how to witch for water with a forked branch or a bent metal hanger
19. Learn how distinguish healthy plants and animals from unhealthy plants or animals
20. Learn basic sewing skills
21. Learn how to set an ear tag or tattoo for animal identification
22. Learn how determine an animal’s age by its teeth
23. Learn how to cut and glaze glass
24. Learn how to drive a standard transmission vehicle
25. Learn how to thaw out frozen pipes without busting them
26. Learn how and when to use hybrid seeds
27. Learn how to hand thresh and winnow wheat or oats and other small grains
28. Learn how to train a working cattle or sheep dog
29. Learn how to read the moon and stars
30. Learn how to make soft or hard cheeses
31. Learn how to live within your financial means
32. Learn how to fillet and clean a fish
33. Learn how use a wash tub, hand-wringer and washboard
34. Learn how to make soap from wood ashes and animal fat
35. Learn how to lay basic brick or build a stone wall
36. Learn basic home canning and food preservation
37. Learn how to save open pollinated seeds
38. Learn how to de-horn livestock
39. Learn how to use an awl and basic leather repair
40. Learn how to make long-term plans for the future – plan an orchard  or a livestock breeding program
41. Learn the mental skills necessary to jury rig anything with duct tape, baling twine and whatever is on hand
42. Learn how to read an almanac
43. Learn how to euthanize large livestock
44. Learn how to cook on a cook stove
45. Learn how entertain yourself and live without electronic media
46. Learn how to shear a sheep
47. Learn how to manage human urine and feces without plumbing
48. Learn how to swap, barter and network with like-minded people
49. Learn how to make a candle
50. Learn how to dig and properly use a shallow well
51. Learn how to refinish furniture
52. Learn how drive a draft animal
53. Learn the mental and spiritual skills to realistically deal with life, death and failure
54. Learn how to use non-electric lighting
55. Learn how to caponize a chicken
56. Learn how to restrain large livestock
57. Learn how to use a treadle sewing machine
58. Learn how to give an injection
59. Learn how to properly use a handsaw, hammer & nails, screw driver, wire cutters, and measuring tape
60. Learn how to recognize your own physical and mental skill limits
61. Learn how and when to prune grapes and fruit trees
62. Learn how to hatch out chicken, duck or other poultry eggs
63. Learn how to use a scythe
64. Learn how to skin a furbearer and stretch the skin
65. Learn how to tell the time of day by the sun
66. Learn how to milk a goat, sheep or cow
67. Learn how to stomach tube a newborn animal
68. Learn how to break ground and plow
69. Learn how to use a wood stove and how to bank a fire
70. Learn how to make butter
71. Learn how to knit
72. Learn how to make and use a hot bed or cold frame
73. Learn how to deliver a foal, calf, lamb or kid
74. Learn how to know when winter is over
75. Learn how to plant a tree
76. Learn how to brood day-old chicks
77. Learn how to dye yarn or cloth from plants
78. Learn how to haggle like a horse trader
79. Learn how to bake bread
80. Learn how to use a pressure tank garden sprayer
81. Learn how to halter break a horse or cow
82. Learn how to graft baby animals onto a foster-mother
83. Learn how to weave cloth
84. Learn how grow everyday kitchen herbs
85. Learn how to make sausage
86. Learn how to set and bait traps for unwanted vermin and predators
87. Learn how to grind wheat into flour
88. Learn how to make paper and ink
89. Learn when it is more economical to buy something ready-made or when to make it yourself
90. Learn how to castrate livestock
91. Learn how choose a location for a vegetable garden or orchard
92. Learn how to weave a basket
93. Learn how to use electric netting or fencing
94. Learn how to make fire starters from corn cobs or pinecones
95. Learn how to use a pressure cooker
96. Learn how to correctly attach 3 point hitch implements to a tractor
97. Learn how to trim the hooves of goats or sheep
98. Learn how to sew your own underwear
99. Learn how to make your own wine.
100.Learn basic plumbing and how to sweat copper pipes and joints
101.Learn how to reload ammunition

Have you always dreamed of Homesteading and learning all the skills it would take to make that dream happen ? Great news, you can build your homesteading skills anywhere you live while saving to buy the perfect piece of property to suit your family’s needs.

It takes a long time to build the skills you will need to be self sufficient, here is a list to get you started.

Don’t get discouraged, you will have to go outside your comfort zone but it will be worth tackling every challenging task.