By Trooper Greg Evensen
February 22, 2014

The events leading up to the final days of the late great America, have arrived and nothing on this earth can stop the cascading effects of a nation squandered into poverty and sacrificed on the altar of power, money and control by people who have spurned Almighty God and embraced Satan himself.Awake America

While enduring three operations in one week that left me cut from waist to ankle to replace the blocked artery in my leg, I entered the fall with a course set by a health crises. The decisions that led me to St. Vincent’s hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin, also reminded me that life can be fragile and in great peril. Awakening in the Intensive Care Unit and in mind numbing pain, I was grateful that the operating team had successfully completed my operation in six hours. Even rolling over was a chore and you can imagine the other functions that were huge obstacles those few days. My ultimate survival was not assured and once past the bad times, I worked to get back on my feet. I can walk now unaided with any device and my extensive wounds are healing. Thank God for that.

I am forever grateful to the thousands who sent me best wishes and prayed for me. It was the ultimate blessing I assure you. While coming out of the anesthesia following my second operation, I had an encounter with my dear friend and highly decorated former Phoenix police officer Jack McLamb. We were both in our uniforms standing along a desolate stretch of a Kansas Highway. I asked Jack if we had some assignment and he handed me a flashlight. When I looked at it and then looked back, Jack was gone. Shortly afterwards, the scene faded and I learned that Jack passed away two hours later. It seemed as if this great peace officer, who had distinguished himself at Ruby Ridge escorting Randy Weaver and the survivors of a government killing squad out of the Idaho wilderness, was passing the torch to help light the way for those still lost in the fog of an America truly under siege I am not worthy to follow in Jack’s footprints, but have been down a similar road. I will do what I can to assist any military or police veteran to help us through this massive defilement and stabbing of the America we once knew—flawed as she was.

I commend once again, the thousands of men and women who DO know how to protect and serve their fellow citizens. I encourage those hundreds who contact me to say they will do the right thing at the right time for our nation and her people. Time and events will tell.

“America Under Siege” the internet TV program I am scheduled to host in March will bring a fresh, bold and challenging view to those who need to hear how our nation is in such dire straits. A “Final Revelation” conference will be held with notable participants at a rural roundtable in June. The Watchmen are gathering to produce a live DVD of the event so that many may hear a 20 hour discussion about every conceivable aspect as to how, when, and why we got into this mess, who got us here, and what, if anything can be done to change this catastrophic course of events.

My abbreviated article is the best I can do for the time being. I trust that God will allow me a follow-up in a few weeks to take the insider’s view of police training and preparations by the individuals who have recently been through it. I will speak for them and give you a “ring side seat” into the world of government policing and tyranny. Until we meet again, blessings to you all.

© 2014 Greg Evensen – All Rights Reserved


Greg Evensen is a former Kansas State Trooper awarded the Governor’s Award for heroism. He has produced two DVD’s, nine hours of training for families attempting to prepare for a breakdown of the national structure and the “grid.” His 400 page “survival Manual” that is also available as a complete companion guide to the DVD’s for dealing with these disruptions is now available along with his inspirational musical CD’s including “The Sovereignty Papers,” a three hour narrative of Greg’s book at his website store

Greg is also traveling the nation assisting concerned Americans by conducting “in-field” training sessions at farms, ranches, churches, and rural homesteads where groups of attendees learn how to defend their homes and master 25 topic areas that will give them the “edge” when the lights go out.

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