Build a chicken house in a day

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Greenhouse or a home for chickens

Greenhouse or a home for chickens

We built our chicken house for around $200. We could have done it for less if we were dedicated scroungers. Three of us put up the 7×18-foot structure in about four hours. For four years it has withstood heat, rain, snow, hail, and high winds, and at various times has sheltered chickens, springtime vegetable starts, and even kept bales of hay dry and cozy … all in our suburban backyard.

The main materials — flexible 16-foot welded-wire cattle panels and plastic sheeting — are available at any farm supply.

I got the idea when I was exploring ferro-concrete construction. Ferro-concrete, in essence, is multiple layers of wire fencing (such as chicken wire), covered with a thick layer of concrete. Because of the flexible materials at its core, it can be formed into durable, sturdy structures of various types.

Back then I wondered if I could make a chicken house using the basic structural protocols. The framing could be made using 16-foot-long and about 52-inch-tall cattle panels, then covered with chicken wire (1-inch openings) and finished with concrete for a super-durable weather-resistant structure.

The idea percolated for about a year until our need for a chicken house became pressing — we had 25 fully-feathered young hens and husky meat chicks in a small cage fragrancing our kitchen. The time had come for them to meet the great outdoors. Unfortunately, it was early fall and nights were getting too chilly for concrete to set up properly.

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