Black Tomatoes-This Plant Can be The Cure For Cancer

Pretty cool tomatoes got to get some.

Unusual color of this vegetable is coming from the black pigment, which is produced when exposed to sunlight.

Black tomato has great potential to prevent the expansion of cancer in the body because it contains Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is an antioxidant which kills cancer’s cells. It was firstly breaded in the UK.

The fruit is among the first in the world to contain anthocyanins, an antioxidant believed to help fight cancer, diabetes and obesity.


Ray Brown, 66, who runs Plant World Seeds, first came across the unusual fruit when a customer sent him a mystery package entitled ‘black tomato‘.

– I thought it was a joke, but when I planted the seeds and fruits grew I was very surprised by the production, says Ray.

The taste of this kind of tomatoes is very strong, but this is a very healthy vegetable, which has yet to be investigated. After researching this vegetable there will certainly emerge many health benefits.

Also a little extra info on cancer fighting possibilities, turmeric you sure need to have that in your cupboard.

These Three Spices Will Protect You From Getting Cancer


The following long – used East Indian tradition is justified even in today’s medical researches. It is about three easily available spices: turmeric, olive oil and pepper. If you consume these three great spices, you should not be scared of getting cancer.

Mix 1/4 of a tablespoon of turmeric with half a teaspoon of olive oil and add a pinch of ground black pepper. Mix all of the ingredients good. You can use the resulting as addition in salads of meals. You can consume it even without any food.

If you add this mixture into meals which need to be prepared first, add it in the end of the preparation process. This will make the remarkable spice mixture not to lose its nutrients. If you are going to consume the spice-mixture without any food, add a little water in order to thin its harsh flavor.

Turmeric is yellow dusty spice with incredible anti-inflammatory abilities which are incredibly powerful. This spice if the best known natural ingredient when it comes to fighting inflammation.

In their studies, researchers have proven that this spice prevents colon cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer and breast cancer.