How to make Colloidal Silver

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I make and use colloidal silver with a C.S. generator. It will only make CS in 5, 10. or 15 PPM. I use only 15 PPM, and it has been a miracle for my family. We have been using the CS for more than 5 years and during that time neither my wife or myself have gotten a cold. When we come home from being in public, we spray silver into our nose breathing in at the same time. There are so many things we have used it on including our animals. One of our horses cut herself to the bone below the hock. Normally this would have been vet call, sutures, a drain and antibiotics. We cleaned out the wound and began treating it with CS and Bluekote twice a day. The wound began healing from the inside and in about a month, was completely healed. Our vet was astonished. I’ve read some articles about CS being a waste, Don’t believe it. We are living proof this stuff is a miracle.

From Lynn

A New Way of Making Silver Water or Upgraded Colloidal Silver.

Historically, “Colloidal Silver” WATER is made as follows: The OLD WAY

1. Pure or distilled water is used
2. 2 pure silver wires are placed into the water
3. One wire is connected to a +pos DC energy source and the other wire is connected to the -neg DC energy source.
4. Patience is required as this process can take quite a while, hours even.
5. Much debate can then be had by the variance and source of electricity, parts per million, ionic content and a host of variables pitting one apparatus against another as to the “best” kind or colour of Colloid.

This “colloidal silver” can only be consumed in minute quantities as large doses can turn the skin blue and may be toxic at higher doses.


When a wire from the positive to the negative of a power source is connected, the wire will heat up. If enough current is available, the system will burn out, melt or degrade.

However, when you make a TESLA inspired wire coil system, a unique ‘magnetic field’ is created and amazing things happen. This field, if in a vacuum will generate light. Water will also boil. Without the Tesla LIKE coil neither happens. This was Tesla’s legacy to the world.

The Tesla coil allows for forms of electrical energy to do work. The Tesla coil is truly Field Science.

Tesla said everything is Frequency, Energy and Vibration. TESLA purposely omitted referring to particles, colloids, ions, electrons or even atoms in his work. So opposed was he to this line of thought that he publicly debated with Einstein about the THEORY of Matter and other scientific theories and equations of the time.

This TESLA inspired coil is Field Science. Therefore from a purely ‘energy’ point of view we may ponder on how to make an Energy Field of Silver in water that prevents the wire degrading in the “colloidal silver” process.

As seen in magnetic fields, two straight wires interacting with one another cannot create a field effect. No magnetic field is created as the current is restricted to interacting with each other by a 90 degree spike between the two wires as its form of interaction. Electrolysis is not field science. NB. This is the introduction of Water Based Field Science as expanded upon in joecellwaterscience dot com

Battery sourced DC and Emoto’s water crystals. Low voltage batteries as used in small gadgets in the range of 1.5 to 9 volts are made from a variety of materials. Lithium, Nickel, Cadmium, Mercury and others. We all know of the biological toxicity of these heavy metals. Just as one can meditate on a glass of water and Emoto’s camera can photograph the crystalline structure change. So to does water energised with these heavy metal batteries affect the crystalline structure of water affecting the life force energy qualities of the water. The use of such a source of DC energy is to be avoided at all costs. The weak DC produced by a single cell 1.5V Lead acid battery is the exception but even Edgar Cayce said to cut the Neg wire and place a gold insert to condition the energy for biological use. This does however, make the apparatus of( colloidal) silver water production rather bulky as one needs several such “wet cell” batteries.

Interestingly, by using electricity to power up two plates or two wires, you get electrolysis. Electrolysis is a degrading process as it is not renewable nor is it progressive.


1. Take 4 silver wires position them thus: Connect the +pos and -neg in such a way to take advantage of the energy interaction to create a Magnetic Field around the wires, taking advantage of the 90 degree interaction. This can be likened to the Coil in an electric jug that creates an energy field to disperse the energy into the water, bringing it to a boil rather than burning the element out.
2. Select a voltage and amperage that is in resonance or harmony with the wire and its end use. Tesla chose 50 hertz as it was a resonance factor that is that of the Earth’s frequency. A DC battery is not suitable as it has no harmony with the earth. Utilising an AC to DC power supply which resonates with silver and the earth then there will occur a ripple of energy which is imparted to the water. A memory then retrained by the water as it interacts with the silver in the water. Literally tuning the water into silver.

3. All DC isn’t created equal. Energy created by spinning magnets retains a memory of the magnetic energy source. This magnetically created DC is similar to Life Force Energy. (magnetic healing)This magnetically created energy is retained in the water’s memory and ultimately will give the consumer a type of Bio Energy that is in harmony with all life. So the choice of AC to DC power supplies is essential, even critical for the production of silver water.

4. The choice of water is also critical. By using the 2 wire colloidal system for colloidal silver production requires near distilled water otherwise all manner of Energies, Frequencies and Vibrations are imparted into the water. With the 4 wire format like that found in the SilverJoe Cell, the type of water required is a science in itself. A limited explanation goes like this: Water that is charged by the earth has the same charge as the earth, so being like charges, they try to repel each other. Naturally occurring Earth Charged water can be found in springs at or near the top of mountains. This Earth Charged water is known historically to have both healing benefits and life force energies. This spring water is the ideal from which to make Silver water from. It also needs to be pure, sweet and fresh to the taste and smell. For more information see joecellwaterscience.

5. The SilverJoe will test the water for you. If the water has a bad smell or taste it’s of no use. Almost all municipal or town waters are not appropriate for use with the SilverJoe cell silver water generator due to artificial additives. Water purified by osmosis or similar is also not recommended as filtered water only filters taste and smell and these will unfortunately return when processed by the SilverJoe. Water marketed by the major soft drink companies generally are not recommended for use with the SilverJoe Cell. We have found that real fresh bottled from a natural source spring water is the best water to use. Glacial melt mountain stream water is often acceptable as it’s energised by flowing down a stream making sure it’s collected before it is contaminated by man-made pollutants.

6. The right water, coupled with the right format of Silver rods powered up with the right voltage and amperage in the correct format, will make a glass of “silver water” in 5 minutes. A true elixir.

Advantages of the SilverJoe Cell over standard 2 wire products.


Disadvantages of the SilverJoe Cell over 2 wire products.


This initial paper outlining the process of making Silver Water as opposed to colloidal silver is for the benefit of interested persons who understand the ingenuity of always looking for a better way. We have not gone into the benefits of why one makes silver water to use in one’s daily routine as these have been covered and we agree with the historical usage of ‘colloidal silver’. We have just found a safer and quicker way to make it. Please take the time to view a short video at joecellwaterscience on how to make a glass of SilverJoe water.

It is advised to not duplicate or reverse engineer the SilverJoe without proper analysis as ANY variance from its original design and material construction will guarantee it doesn’t work properly.
That’s Field Science for you.

NB. The device SilverJoe Cell also has an add-on that acts much like a zapper/energizer/detox system. But this isn’t the thread to bring that forth. Stay tuned. Stay energised and stay healthy with the SilverJoe Cell for all your silver needs.

From Mark

I make mine with four 9 volt batteries hooked together and two pure silver rods. pos to one and neg to the other. usually let them in distilled water for about half an hour or so, sometimes longer if I forget them. The water is fairly cear at first then turns a light amber in a couple hours in the cupboard out of sunlight. According to one web site just swishing it around in your mouth for about three min. gives you a good dose. Like a nitro pill under the tougue. Haven’t had a cold or been sick in years. WORKS FOR ME !

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