Hobby Farm


A hobby farm is a small farm that is maintained without the expectation of being a primary source of income, some farms are meant to be only a recreational haven for your family, but a lot of people I think, have in the back of there minds that there  recreational haven might in some near future because of the way our country is heading will be there only source they have to survive in the future if politics continue on there steady decline.
That family that has the experience of a hobby farm which might just be a big garden will have a leg up when the crap hits the fan.  A hobby farm can take on many different forms, someone might just want do deal with growing a garden but I think most might want the variety. to name a few things to consider for your hobby farm would be land, how much do you have or how much to look for and if your concerned about TEOTWAKI the location of that land, is it located in a area that gives you a chance.    Here’s a list of a few items that people might have on a hobby farm.Hobby farm
Land of course, you need to have someplace to put everything,  for a garden you don’t need much I’ve seen some amazing gardens in small areas, also with the help of a greenhouse or aquaponics or a few other ideas for small spaces that will be on some of my posts you could do some amazing growing in a limited space.
Chickens: Even in some towns the city ordinances might allow you a few, and fresh eggs can’t be beat by the store bought ones.
Water:  Of course everyone knows water is important but for a larger hobby farm its definitely something to consider how you might become independent of your town for your water source or what you might do if you lose your water source, there’s not to many options a fresh water well being one source and pumping from a lake or river would be about the only other option, so if your able to dig a well DO IT NOW.
Pigs: A little more land, and pigs can as I found out when I had a couple can almost take the place of a  rototiller, there very good at turning up soil unless they come across something they don’t like as in my case it was cilantro, they wouldn’t touch it but other pigs might.  
Goats: A little more land required
Cows: Even more land  and if you want to grow some hay for them that requires more land but there are a few Heritage cows that can get by on a lot less then the main ones that are around  on the big farms so look into a Heritage cow they are made for small farms with a limited amount of land. More on the many that are available in other posts.