Back to Basics

    Back to basics during a crisis or during a total economic collapse or any other unimaginable event, EMP, war on our own soil, martial law,you get the picture, can take on many forms, and can be put into practice now, most people with any amount of land could start a garden.   

Now thats a big garden it could be smaller or bigger depending on you but you can start now instead of later and make sure you buy and use heirloom seeds.  Also depending where you live you could add an animal or two, chickens are the easiest.   If you grow a garden learning how to bottle your extra is a must and isn’t to hard and is something that can be learned anytime and anywhere, beets,carrots,corn,peas are all easy to grow for canning or freezing. 




Fresh water will certainly be an issue in most emergencies, storage of water is a must but if your forced to leave your home, something to purify your water or a way to obtain it  is nice to have. Back to basics with these few items is just scratching the surface but you need to start somewhere.