Muscovy Ducks for homesteading

Muscovy are the only domestic ducks that are not derived from Mallard stock. Originating from the Caribbean Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua and Honduras where the native culture values them for their meat, Muscovy aren’t really ducks, but rather large perching waterfowl (Cairina moschata). Muscovy ducks are great on the farm to control insects the natural way. They […] Read more »

Save these Animals By eating them.

Some of these animals are great for small Homesteads, one of my favorites is the Dutch Belted Cow. These Animals Might Go Extinct Because No One Wants To Eat Them       The Steller’s sea cow, the passenger pigeon and the New Zealand moa all went extinct because people developed a taste for their […] Read more »

Tips For Hardcore Homesteading

This is some great info and a fun article to read from Jackie’s tips for hardcore homesteading By Jackie Clay   Many of us have a garden and enjoy fresh vegetables during the summer and fall. Maybe we even have a few chickens for eggs and meat. But many of us may want to extend […] Read more »

More then a 100 Skills for the Modern Homestead

A few lists from a couple different web sites, there are duplicates which I will get rid of but for my own information of what I need to learn myself this is a good start, a bit overwhelming , but a start. Why not finally get rid of the TV and ditch Facebook in 2013?Dare […] Read more »

Pros and Cons of Chickens,Turkeys and Ducks

I’ve raised chickens and turkeys my only problem with turkeys is that they eat a lot, so if you don’t have access to cheap feed they can get expensive. I suppose with the different kind of fowl to choose from it just depends on where you live and how much room you have..Some good basic […] Read more »

Best Animals for the Small Homestead

If one of your goals is self-sufficiency (or close to it) and you’re not a vegan, you’ll need a source of milk, eggs, and possibly meat. Even if you are a vegan, keeping animals on your homestead can provide you with natural fiber or wool to sell. Raising your own animals also gives you peace […] Read more »