Alternatives to a Survival Retreat!

          Northwest Survival Retreat Ideal Population Map Nice map with some great info from For the curious, I put together this map awhile ago which illustrates perimeter regions surrounding the population centers of city regions containing populations of 50,000 (red circles) and 200,000 (blue circles) people in the states of Montana, Idaho, eastern […] Read more »

The Ultimate Bug Out Property or Survival Retreat

When it comes to buying a survival retreat or Bug Out location, location really is the key. Here are some of the top considerations that you need to keep in mind when looking for the ultimate bug out property.   Bug Out Location Checklist Distance – If you’re purchasing a piece of property to serve […] Read more »

101 Skills Everyone Should Know before SHTF

Survival is based largely on two things: a positive mental attitude and knowledge. With those two covered, you can make up for any lack of tools. Knowledge doesn’t break, wear out, and short of forgetting a thing or two, you generally can’t lose it. Below is a list of skills most people should be able […] Read more »

10 Reasons Why Building a Community is Key if SHTF

The following article from Survivor Mike at The Home for Survival You’re living in your suburban home. CNN has just said that the stock market is dropping for the ninth day in a row and people are now racing to their banks to empty their accounts. Couple this with an unstable euro, an unstable Middle East, […] Read more »