Economic Collapse Skills You Can Trade

20 Skills You Can Trade After TEOTWAWKI Too many preppers have a romantic view of life after the end of the world. They see themselves as the hero of a post-apocalyptic movie, but the most likely scenario is far more depressing. Fernando Aguirre is a prepper who lived through the hyperinflationary collapse of Argentina in […] Read more »

50 Wonderful Canning Recipes

The picture to the right from  looks a little overwhelming to me, but to others no problem. I posted one of the recipes, for the other 49 follow the link at the bottom. Canning season is quickly approaching as gardeners everywhere are planting their spring gardens and patiently waiting for the inevitable bounty. If you are like me, […] Read more »

Principles of Home Canning Part 3

Recommended canners Equipment for heat-processing home-canned food is of two main types—boiling water canners and pressure canners. Most are designed to hold seven quart jars or eight to nine pints. Small pressure canners hold four-quart jars; some large pressure canners hold 18 pint jars in two layers, but hold only seven quart jars. Pressure saucepans with smaller volume […] Read more »

Principles of Home Canning Part 2

Ensuring high-quality canned foods Home canning Begins with good-quality fresh foods suitable for canning. Quality varies among varieties of fruits and vegetables. Many county Extension offices can recommend varieties best suited for canning. Examine food carefully for freshness and wholesomeness. Discard diseased and moldy food. Trim small diseased lesions or spots from food. Can fruits and vegetables picked from […] Read more »

Principles of Home Canning

Why can foods? Canning can be a safe and economical way to preserve quality food at home. Disregarding the value of your labor, canning homegrown food may save you half the cost of buying commercially canned food. Canning favorite and special products to be enjoyed by family and friends is a fulfilling experience and a source of pride […] Read more »

10 Steps Toward Self-Sufficiency

In a utopian world, we would be 100% self-sufficient.  We would have enough food, enough water, enough power, and enough fuel, and perhaps most important, enough money to live a well-rounded, healthy and comfortable life.  We would have to work hard, yes, but at the end of the day we would have the satisfaction of  […] Read more »