How To Build An Outdoor Cob Oven on a budget

Now that looks nice, and the food looks great as well. Technology has brought the art of making food to a new level which may in fact ruin someone on the long term if they don’t have the necessary knowledge of dealing without the appliances and devices at our disposal nowadays. Try baking something without […] Read more »

10 Self-Sufficiency Skills That Will Save You Money

Elise Xavier | Updated: August 28, 2014 For me personally the number one on this list is gardening, there may come a time when you are not able to buy food and being able to grow your own will be a life saver. Preppers often teach themselves self-sufficiency skills solely based on the premise that […] Read more »

GoSun Sport Solar cooking

I saw this GoSun Sport and just thought I would include this on my blog, sounds nice, looks nice, seems kind of pricy for the size and it doesn’t seem like you could cook something big like a loaf of bread. Maybe something is in the works down the road, will see. Read on and see […] Read more »

Passive Cooking for Thanksgiving

This would be fun to try for Thanksgiving, cook one this way and another in the oven just in case you mess up, but there doesn’t seem to be to much danger in messing up Pit cooking.   Passive Cooking It’s about Efficiency By pdpeacock On June 6, 2011  On our recent Spring Rendezvous, one […] Read more »

Dutch Oven Cooking, Best Time to Start is Now

I’m always amazed at what some of my friends cook in a Dutch oven and there different techniques in cooking that meal. This is some nice info from common sense homesteading with great pictures. Getting Started With Dutch Oven Cooking August 25, 2014 by Jennifer Osuch If you can cook in a dutch oven you […] Read more »

Why is Coconut Oil Good For You?

            The Healthiest Oil for Cooking A perfect example of a healthy food that has been demonized by mainstream nutrition professionals is coconut oil. It has mainly gotten a bad rap because it is very high in saturated fat. But as we know, saturated fat is not so bad and what we’re left with […] Read more »

12 Reasons Why You Need Coconut Oil In Your Life

Of all of the ‘super foods’ on the market, coconut oil may just be the reigning champion of them all.  Organic virgin coconut oil has positive effects for every system in the human body, many of which have been tested and confirmed by scientific research.  From skin care and weight loss to hormone balance and […] Read more »

Seasoning and Cleaning Your Dutch Oven

From some good advice on maintaining your Dutch oven Seasoning a Dutch oven does two things: Prevents rust and corrosion Creates a non-stick cooking surface for easier clean up   Without a good seasoning coat, your food won’t taste as good as it could, your dutch oven will rust, and cleaning up after cooking […] Read more »