No Man Knoweth???….or Does He?

I though I would save this, very interesting and a timeline that bears serious consideration Blessed Friends, I have put together two timelines. One consist of the Savior’s return, which is not a secret to man, and the second the possible start of the Abomination of Desolation? I believe concrete scriptural data supports both, but […] Read more »

8 Reasons Everyone Should Buy A Greenhouse

  8 Reasons Everyone Should Buy A Greenhouse and one of my own, making 9. From a TEOTWAWKI situation a greenhouse would enable you to grow at the very least a few fresh vegetables year round. From a survival  point of view there is a lot of things you can do to prepare for a […] Read more »


This video is something to watch if your interested in a date that will help you prepare for the times that are coming. This video’s timeline goes along with a lot of other timeline’s out there, for example it fits in with the Lunar Tetrad, it fits in with the info from Jonathan Cahn’s book the […] Read more »