How to make Colloidal Silver

These few ideas are posts from regular people from the website off the grid news on how Colloidal Silver can be made at home.   Marty I make and use colloidal silver with a C.S. generator. It will only make CS in 5, 10. or 15 PPM. I use only 15 PPM, and it has been a […] Read more »

Earthships or Earthhomes, best of all Off Grid

Some of these homes are goofy looking but most are very cool and most preppers I know would probably love to build one. . Earthships are 100% sustainable homes that are both cheap to build and awesome to live in. They offer amenities like no other sustainable building style you have come across. For the […] Read more »

Native American Medicinal Cures

A lot of good ones that I have tried myself. When it comes to herbal remedies, many of us are familiar with the benefits of Echinacea or purple cone flower as an antibiotic, willow bark as a pain killer and aloe as a topical anesthetic and treatment for skin conditions. But that’s common knowledge compared […] Read more »

A few more years before Economic Collapse

I don’t think that we have a few more years but time will reveal all things, I would prepare as if we only had a few months, and then hope for a few more years. The Case Against Imminent Economic Collapse: “They Can Keep Bailing Things Out for Several More Years Without Fear of Collapse” […] Read more »

Simple Pine Branches Can Filter Out 99% of Bacteria

Nice simple concept which could come in handy in a pinch. Producing Clean Water If you’ve run out of drinking water during a lakeside camping trip, there’s a simple solution: Break off a branch from the nearest pine tree, peel away the bark, and slowly pour lake water through the stick. The improvised filter should […] Read more »

Life or Death Choices that will doom the non-prepper

As of today it is estimated that ONLY 1% of the population actually goes to much of any effort to prepare and store up enough of what they need to survive a true calamity. This means a huge majority of the population fails, yes fails, to have much of anything if and WHEN what they […] Read more »

Egg replacers for when you have no eggs

I got this list from the woodzone and they got it from some place else which is why I am posting this because it is excellent information if your short on eggs for your emergency food storage or for whenever. “We live in turbulent times. Often the future is unknown; therefore, it behooves us to […] Read more »

Why You Should Get Prepared Now

By Carolyn Nicolaysen · June 1, 2015 In a few short years our society has evolved from the opinion that emergency preparedness and home storage strategies were mainly for religious fanatics and conspiracy theorists, to the pragmatic reality now that disasters happen more often, the world has become more dangerous, and that in our upside-down […] Read more »

Everyone Will Be Looking For This After The SHTF

If you’ve been prepping for more than, say, a day, you know to stockpile things like food, water, and first aid supplies. That’s the easy to remember stuff, right? We all know we’ll need to eat and stay hydrated. However, there are a number of things many preppers overlook in their planning. Things that will […] Read more »

Grid security is one of our greatest national vulnerabilities

An interview with James Woolsey, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency America’s power grid may be the nation’s proverbial Achilles heel. For over a decade, scientists and intelligence professionals have been shouting at the federal government to do something – anything – to protect and strengthen the grid from a cataclysmic collapse, which could leave […] Read more »