How to make Colloidal Silver

These few ideas are posts from regular people from the website off the grid news on how Colloidal Silver can be made at home.   Marty I make and use colloidal silver with a C.S. generator. It will only make CS in 5, 10. or 15 PPM. I use only 15 PPM, and it has been a […] Read more »

Life or Death Choices that will doom the non-prepper

As of today it is estimated that ONLY 1% of the population actually goes to much of any effort to prepare and store up enough of what they need to survive a true calamity. This means a huge majority of the population fails, yes fails, to have much of anything if and WHEN what they […] Read more »

Why You Should Get Prepared Now

By Carolyn Nicolaysen · June 1, 2015 In a few short years our society has evolved from the opinion that emergency preparedness and home storage strategies were mainly for religious fanatics and conspiracy theorists, to the pragmatic reality now that disasters happen more often, the world has become more dangerous, and that in our upside-down […] Read more »

Is Your Market Prepared for a Disaster?

When you walk into your local supermarket, you see a wide variety of food choices that probably make you feel like the store is well-stocked. However, the reality is that it is difficult for a supermarket to maintain enough food on their shelves and in their storage area to sustain the needs of all of […] Read more »

13 Items you Need in a Winter Vehicle Emergency Kit

                         Common Sense? by Bryan Black November 11, 2014 During an emergency, such as a winter storm is a lousy time to think of all the things you should have been carrying. The important thing is not to wait until the last minute to […] Read more »

Yarrow and Its Many Medicinal Properties

You can never have to much information about Yarrow, so here’s some more. Achillea millefolium or common yarrow “Millefolium” literally means a thousand leaves and it is said that its name, Achillea, is derived from Achilles the Greek hero of the Trojan wars. Myth has that it was given to him by a Greek God […] Read more »

10 Disturbing SHTF Threats that most Preppers Haven’t Prepared For

A lot of things to prepare for and to just be aware of so your not in total shock when it happens. When planning for a SHTF scenario, there’s really only one thing that we can be sure of; Survival will be a bigger challenge than you ever believed possible. While you can definitely take […] Read more »

CommonSense preparedness just makes sense

Great article by Jackie Clay from Backwoods Home Magazine. What if that snowstorm turned to a blizzard or an ice storm lasted for days, knocking out the power and phone lines? Would you be prepared? Or what if you lost your job, or an illness or injury prevented you from working for a lengthy time? […] Read more »

Edible Insects: the Eco-Logical Alternative

I thought this was interesting, Not my first choice List of Edible Insects Bugs you can eat, from A to Z!   Agave worm: Also known as the maguey worm, these larvae of either the Hypopta agavis moth or the Aegiale hesperiaris are sometimes included in tequila bottles as proof of authenticity and alcohol content (tequila […] Read more »

Is your Bug Out Bag Going to Get You Killed?

By Pat Henry on May 11, 2013@prepperjournal A bug out bag is designed in theory to give you everything you may need to live for at least 72 hours outside of your home and should be considered as part of any comprehensive plan for disaster or true preparedness.  The tendency with bug out bags is […] Read more »