How to Use Lambsquarter From Root to Seed

Wild Edibles Maintain a state of optimal health with minimal cost and effort by harvesting edible weeds, such as lambsquarter, for food, medicine, and self-care. By Katrina Blair December 2014 The roots, greens, and seeds of the lambsquarter plant are all edible and extremely nutritious. These ingredients can be used in a variety of wild […] Read more »

16-100 Uses For Dandelions

There’s a lot more then 16 uses when you include info from more then one site. 16 Ways to Eat Dandelions Dandelion Roots: 1. Dandelion Root Coffee– I’m dying to try this! Although I will admit, my hubby is a bit skeptical. 2. How to Cook Fresh Dandelion Roots– Cook ‘em up and eat ‘em like carrots. […] Read more »

Common Utah Weeds

Utah State University Extention has a great resource to help you identify some of those weeds in your garden and also gives you information on there medicinal value if they have any. This first one is just the first of many. Redroot pigweed Amaranthus retroflexus L. Amaranthaceae (Pigweed family) Location: gardens, waterways, roadsides, waste areas, […] Read more »

Living Off The Land Won’t Work In A Crisis

Written by: Rich M Extreme Survival As the prepper movement has grown, I’ve heard more and more people talk about bugging out and living off the land. On one hand, I can understand that. Preppers tend to identify with the pioneering spirit that settled this land and fueled the westward expansion. There’s a lot of […] Read more »

Skills You Can Trade After TEOTWAWKI

People sometimes forget that the smallest and most convenient storage space is in their own heads. If you find yourself in the midst of a disaster and you need to either build or fix something, having the necessary knowledge and experience in your mind instead of in a book will hugely benefit your ability to […] Read more »

Why You Should Consider Growing Duckweed

Duckweed can be used in several different ways. One of the most prominent methods is to use it as a form of food for livestock. Farmers use it for its high nutritional content and feed it to their animals in order to keep them healthy and physically strong. One of the reasons why this is such […] Read more »

Purslane! 11 Uses for the Edible Weed

Great information on a very common plant in your yard. Often weeded from gardens, purslane is an edible groundcover that is full of omega-3s and magnesium. Try purslane for six medicinal uses or you can try the underrated superfood in any of these five purslane recipes. What is Purslane? Purslane is a thick-stemmed succulent groundcover […] Read more »

Icelandic Chickens: A Heritage Chicken Breed

Try Icelandic chickens, a colorful, self-reliant heritage chicken breed, to enjoy flavorful meat and excellent egg production. This is one of those articles that really interested me, these chickens sound like they would be perfect for my 4 acre homestead, Here’s the info from Mother earth news.   Norse settlers brought their home flocks to […] Read more »

Edible Insects: the Eco-Logical Alternative

I thought this was interesting, Not my first choice List of Edible Insects Bugs you can eat, from A to Z!   Agave worm: Also known as the maguey worm, these larvae of either the Hypopta agavis moth or the Aegiale hesperiaris are sometimes included in tequila bottles as proof of authenticity and alcohol content (tequila […] Read more »