Beneficial Insects: Your Garden’s Most Powerful Friends

Many common insects are actually good for your garden. Some you may think otherwise, I told my wife about the usefulness of yellow jackets, but she could care less she still wants the yellow jackets gone. Our insect allies far outnumber the insect pests in our yards and gardens. Bees, flies, and many moths help […] Read more »

Do-It-Yourself Garden Irrigator

Do-It-Yourself Garden Irrigator, Soaker hose or drip irrigation is the way to go if you want to cut down on weeds Read more at$8.16%20Do-It-Yourself%20Garden%20Irrigator2.htm Our half-acre lot in the ’burbs is shaded by nine mature silver maples.   The only spot that gets decent sun is the gravel drive that runs to our pole barn.  […] Read more »

Cover Crops to Build Soil, Crowd Out Unwanted Plants

Nice article from I need to crowd out some puncture weeds, nasty little plants, they do have some medicinal value but I’m not sure if its worth keeping them. Cover Crops to Build Soil, Crowd Out Unwanted Plants, and Create Biomass It is very important the the earth be able to grow and breathe […] Read more »

Survival Seeds, Every family should have a supply

Survival Seeds — Every family should have a robust store of garden seeds I love tomatoes. Love fresh tomatoes in salads, tomato sauce over pasta, pizza with tomato sauce and topping’s — all wonderful. Tomato with fresh mozzarella, basil, and aged balsamic vinegar is truly a gift from god and nature. For those who are over age 30, as I […] Read more »

Beginner’s Guide to Drip Irrigation

Conserve water and save time with a drip irrigation system for your garden. A LITTLE BIT ABOUT DRIP IRRIGATION FROM to add a little to this on the survival point of view, if you were to lose your city water and if you were also to lose power to run a fresh water well if […] Read more »

Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens

Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens by C. Wilson and M.Bauer1 Quick Facts… • People interested in water-wise gardening should consider drip irrigation. • Odd-shaped and narrow areas are easily irrigated with drip systems. • Drip irrigation stretches water supplies and may be exempt from water restrictions imposed during drought.. • Drip irrigation equipment is readily […] Read more »

Diatomaceous Earth in preserving seeds.

A Lot of info about preserving seeds, and just a little bit about Diatomaceous Earth but you don’t need to know to much accept that it is a good way to help preserve seeds from insects when freezing and other methods are not available.   For thousands of years people have been preserving seeds, and not […] Read more »