Bokashi Composting instead of Recycling

Sounds like some great info to reduce waste. Why Bokashi Composting May Be Easier Than Recycling by Sheryl Normandeau | Monday, May 26th, 2014 | From: Home and Garden If worms make you squeamish and you don’t have room for a traditional composter outdoors, why not give bokashi composting a try? Unlike other composting methods, […] Read more »

Common Utah Weeds

Utah State University Extention has a great resource to help you identify some of those weeds in your garden and also gives you information on there medicinal value if they have any. This first one is just the first of many. Redroot pigweed Amaranthus retroflexus L. Amaranthaceae (Pigweed family) Location: gardens, waterways, roadsides, waste areas, […] Read more »

Gardens On the Wild Side

This has some great information Gardens Gone Wild April 20, 2015 by Abby Quillen How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Backyard Today’s environmental news is often alarming, especially the warnings that biodiversity, a term used to describe the immense variety of life on Earth, is under siege. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) warns […] Read more »

Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto. Ones that are not.

A nice list of where to get Heirloom seeds vs the others, like hybrid and as the list mentions, avoid the Monsanto garbage, there hard to avoid sense there everywhere but it’s worth the effort to at least try. A List of Some Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto Or Sell Monsanto And Seminis Seeds – […] Read more »

Tips for Selecting This Year’s heirloom Seeds

Overwhelmed by all the crops available in seed catalogs? Use these tips to narrow your search and make the most of your limited garden space. By Rachel Tayse Baillieul Many gardeners spend the dark, cold days of late winter pouring over bright seed catalogs. Between the beautiful illustrations, enticing descriptions and inspiration of a new […] Read more »

Best Places to Find Heirloom Seeds

Grow a pest- and disease-free garden rich in diversity by paying attention to where you source your seeds. By Diana Williams It’s getting that time of year to start planting, if you can, go heirloom. Growing a bumper crop this year will depend on the quality of seed you plant plant. If you’re looking for […] Read more »

Learning Skills for your Modern Homestead

     The best way to start into homesteading is to just jump right in, pick something that your interested in doing and go for it. For me that was learning how to garden a bit better then I have in the past, and then we added a couple pigs and then some chickens. Later on […] Read more »

Reasons to Start Homesteading Today

By Jill Winger So, you say you’re still on the fence about homesteading? I get it. I really do. Attempting to make the switch from buying all your food at the grocery store without a second thought, to someone who suddenly has an insatiable desire to garden and milk goats is quite the transition… Ya […] Read more »

Plant in your garden a year’s worth of food?

How much should you plant in your garden to provide a year’s worth of food? by BRENDA on APRIL 1, 2013 Do you know how much your family eats in a year’s time? As a farmer’s wife, I am keenly aware of how much meat, poultry, eggs, honey and dairy we consume. Raising enough food […] Read more »

Ways to Get More Out Of Your Small Garden

Some people don’t have a lot of land so it’s important to know a few things to maximize the land you do have.  Grow more food in your small space with these tips for keeping your soil healthy and crops productive season to season. By Jesse Frost Courtesy Karen Blakeman/Flickr As the season’s early crops […] Read more »