SHTF We all know what that stands for

SHTF….. We all know what that stands for but have you really thought about what that means to you?  Does it mean a short-term disruption in our lives or does it mean something larger and longer lasting? Or both?  I think everyone has a different picture of what a SHTF event is and what life […] Read more »

$10,000 Gold, $50,000 Gold & The Coming Chaos

We may be in for a wild ride. On the heels of another wild trading week, today a 42-year market veteran spoke with King World News about the coming frightening chaos that investors around the world need to be brace for, as well as $10,000 gold, $50,000 gold and much more.  Below is the powerful […] Read more »

Silver and Gold, Good to have for right now.

  One thing I would add to the info below is my personal opinion that when TEOTWAWKI begins the window of opportunity will be very short to make use of any Gold and Silver that you have, after that window of opportunity will have closed and then Gold and Silver will  be worthless.  Article from Off the grid news Silver and […] Read more »