Why You Should Get Prepared Now

By Carolyn Nicolaysen · June 1, 2015 In a few short years our society has evolved from the opinion that emergency preparedness and home storage strategies were mainly for religious fanatics and conspiracy theorists, to the pragmatic reality now that disasters happen more often, the world has become more dangerous, and that in our upside-down […] Read more »

Cool Affordable Battery Pack coming from TESLA

Tesla Motors Announces Plans for Affordable Battery Pack that Could Power Entire Home for Two Days I’ve heard about there car and how cool it is going from 0-60 in 2 sec. without a sound, I guess this would be the battery to give it much longer range. In a bold move by Tesla Motors, […] Read more »

Fire pit using concrete tree rings

I thought this looked kind of nice and easy so I figured I had better save it. We recently moved from the remote north-woods of  Wisconsin where large lakeside fire pits were simply dug into the ground and lined with large rocks creating great campfires.  We now live in a residential neighborhood in  the Central […] Read more »

How To Make An Earth Battery

Never heard of this before so I thought I had better save it. This is from http://www.shtfpreparedness.com/make-earth-battery/ I knew from watching a documentary a few years ago that the ancient folks of Baghdad made batteries from earth. They are called the Baghdad batteries and have been dated to over 2000 years old. I don’t know why, […] Read more »

Harness the power of nature’s weed inhibitors

I have noticed that once my squash get established, weeds don’t do as well, this explains a lot. Most gardeners have heard of the “three sisters,” three food plants traditionally grown together by native Americans, and the supposed reasons why the crop combination works: The corn acts as a pole for the climbing beans; the […] Read more »

10 Self-Sufficiency Skills That Will Save You Money

Elise Xavier | Updated: August 28, 2014 For me personally the number one on this list is gardening, there may come a time when you are not able to buy food and being able to grow your own will be a life saver. Preppers often teach themselves self-sufficiency skills solely based on the premise that […] Read more »

Passive Cooking for Thanksgiving

This would be fun to try for Thanksgiving, cook one this way and another in the oven just in case you mess up, but there doesn’t seem to be to much danger in messing up Pit cooking.   Passive Cooking It’s about Efficiency By pdpeacock On June 6, 2011  On our recent Spring Rendezvous, one […] Read more »

Radio Communications – When TV, Radio & Internet Go Dark

Great info if you want and need to get into Radio’s and communication for when the hammer goes down. BY : http://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/prepping-101-radio-communications-tv-radio-internet-go-dark/ As you probably have surmised by now, this column is really about taking a global collapse seriously. Radio communication is one subject that I find taken for granted in most of the internet […] Read more »

How To Get Fresh Water Out Of Thin Air

In an Emergency or Economic collapse, Fresh water may be in short supply. This is something that would be handy to have available in your long term emergency storage. Great info from http://www.trueactivist.com CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In some of this planet’s driest regions, where rainfall is rare or even nonexistent, a few specialized plants and insects […] Read more »

Nuclear False Flag Event

A lot of information here but a lot to think about also, were definitely in the thick of things and this article was in March 2014  now were almost to Oct. 2014. Much more has happened sense March none of it good. MAJOR GLOBAL ALERT: Following President Obama’s Warning Of A Nuclear Bomb Hitting New […] Read more »