Basic Beginning BeeKeeping

Great bee information from The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times I always planned to have a bee hive someday but someday had not come until I mentioned my interest to a friend who promptly told me he was splitting a hive (taking a few hundred bees out to prevent […] Read more »

Beekeeping by the month

I like this monthly check list from beekeeping experts that know a lot more then I do, very helpful information. Month-by-month Beekeeping Two beekeepers walk you through a monthly schedule of easy-to-follow beekeeping tasks according to region. By Amy Grisak Photo by Rachael Brugger The time that you perform various beekeeping tasks will vary by […] Read more »

How to harvest Honey from Natural Comb

I loved this information, can’t wait to try it. From     Once you’ve harvested your natural honeycomb from your Warré (or other kind of top bar) beehive, it’s time to make get some of that goodness into jars! Fortunately, like many other aspects of natural beekeeping, getting the honey out of natural comb is […] Read more »

A Honey Bee Menu for Pollen and Nectar

The past few weeks I have thrown out about 30,000 seeds of plants, flowers and herbs for my honey bees, most of them have some medicinal value to them, maybe that will transfer to the honey, if not the bees should still like the variety and hopefully all these plants if they grow will also […] Read more »

Parts Of A Beehive – A Beginner Beekeeper’s Guide

Some nice clear pictures on the parts of a beehive from the following web site. There are many different types of beehives and hive configurations that beekeepers use.  I’m going to talk about the most common type of hive, which is called the 10 frame Langstroth beehive.  The picture above shows the configuration that I […] Read more »

How to Harvest Honey from a Beehive

Nice info and pictures from Extracting Honey from a Bee Hive Almost every beekeeper looks forward to the day when they are able to reap a few of the rewards of their hive – mainly the honey! Local honey created by your bees is one of the best aspects of starting a hive. For those […] Read more »

How To Install A Package of Bees

First, you must purchase your beekeeping equipment. Do not wait until spring to purchase your hive kits. Many places are sold out or back logged in the spring so you must order your hives between January and May. This year, we are offering two special hive kits that include bees: 1. First, Our Busy Bee Special This […] Read more »

Honey Bees In The Hive

Let’s follow the growth cycle of the queen, drone and worker bee. Let’s begin with the worker bees. The queen lays an egg in the bottom of each cell within the brood chamber. When first laid, the egg appears like a piece of rice, only much, much smaller. The egg stands up in the bottom of […] Read more »

Beekeeping, The Honey Super

Lesson 3: The Super In lesson one we took a look at the placement of a hive, the hive stand and the bottom board. Then, in our last lesson, we examined the deep hive body. These lessons can be viewed at anytime by simply scrolling down in the blog. Today, let’s take a look at […] Read more »