Cleanse your body of toxins

Healing Spicy Drink For Many Ailments That Cleanses The Body of Toxins.  That’s the title of this article from and if it doesn’t help with your toxins it will help with other things, in other words you can’t lose with this combination. Over the years I have been learning a bit about herbs and healthy foods […] Read more »

Foods that double as medicine

By Ben Smart, Special to CNN   |  Posted Jul 24th, 2015 @ 9:09pm ATLANTA (CNN) — A typical visit to the doctor might leave you with a bottle of pills and instructions to take them twice daily. But a small, growing number of physicians are “prescribing” foods not only for weight management, but also to prevent and […] Read more »

Things To Do This Winter to Help Save the Bees

5 Things You Can Do This Winter to Help Save the Bees As bees take their winter snooze, beekeepers and urban gardeners can join forces to help keep the honey flowing. By Kristina Mercedes Urquhart Winter is arguably the hardest time of year for a colony of Honey bees. Unless you find yourself in Florida […] Read more »

Basic Beginning BeeKeeping

Great bee information from The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times I always planned to have a bee hive someday but someday had not come until I mentioned my interest to a friend who promptly told me he was splitting a hive (taking a few hundred bees out to prevent […] Read more »

Bees Need You to Plant These 4 Flowers in Your Backyard

What is it about the honeybee community that draws humans into their world? Watch this informative breakdown of bee experience, bee-human relations and, most pressing, the threats to bees today Bees are cooperative, intuitive, hard-working, living beings whose labor is exploited for its fruits(superfood honey). The process of human-bee interaction, the human chemical-agricultural input changes, […] Read more »

How to harvest Honey from Natural Comb

I loved this information, can’t wait to try it. From     Once you’ve harvested your natural honeycomb from your Warré (or other kind of top bar) beehive, it’s time to make get some of that goodness into jars! Fortunately, like many other aspects of natural beekeeping, getting the honey out of natural comb is […] Read more »

How To Make Herbal Infused Honeys

Great Idea from , will have to make some  for the winter season. 8 August, 2012 by Lucinda After my recent post on aromatics  several people commented on the herbal honeys I mentioned which are surely one of the most delicious ways to enjoy taking herbs. Although I have talked of them often in other posts, I thought […] Read more »

Basic Beekeeping Honey Production

We are David and Sheri Burns, sharing various aspects of our beekeeping business with you, like these online beekeeping lessons. So many people just drive out to our farm and visit, and many others call and ask questions. Many more email us. We are always happy to visit and to help others start keeping honeybees! Honey! […] Read more »

20 Uses For Honey You Never Thought Of

I’m sure there are many more uses for honey, my title might change to 25 or 30 It was brought to my attention last week that September is in fact National Honey Month. Honey gets an entire month all to itself? Why yes, it certainly does. Turns out that Americans consume 1.5 pounds of honey […] Read more »