A Self-Sustaining Homestead

How To Create Your Own 1-Acre, Self-Sustaining Homestead Illustration by: Dorling Kindersley There are endless ways to create your own self-sustaining homestead using 1-acre of land. Some people prefer to keep cows, goats, pigs and hens, while others prefer to keep animal livestock to a minimum, or none at all. With or without livestock, your […] Read more »

Life or Death Choices that will doom the non-prepper

As of today it is estimated that ONLY 1% of the population actually goes to much of any effort to prepare and store up enough of what they need to survive a true calamity. This means a huge majority of the population fails, yes fails, to have much of anything if and WHEN what they […] Read more »

Bokashi Composting instead of Recycling

Sounds like some great info to reduce waste. Why Bokashi Composting May Be Easier Than Recycling by Sheryl Normandeau | Monday, May 26th, 2014 | From: Home and Garden If worms make you squeamish and you don’t have room for a traditional composter outdoors, why not give bokashi composting a try? Unlike other composting methods, […] Read more »

Ways to Get More Out Of Your Small Garden

Some people don’t have a lot of land so it’s important to know a few things to maximize the land you do have.  Grow more food in your small space with these tips for keeping your soil healthy and crops productive season to season. By Jesse Frost Courtesy Karen Blakeman/Flickr As the season’s early crops […] Read more »

Getting Tomatoes the water they need.

I had to save this on my blog, I thought it was a good idea to use in my own garden.  Read the comments that follow they have some useful information. I started may 28th planting 4 tomatoes around a garbage can with holes drilled in the bottom rim and a second row up about […] Read more »

Why You Should Consider Growing Duckweed

Duckweed can be used in several different ways. One of the most prominent methods is to use it as a form of food for livestock. Farmers use it for its high nutritional content and feed it to their animals in order to keep them healthy and physically strong. One of the reasons why this is such […] Read more »

Free Crop Insurance Plans for New Farmers

Some great information if your seeking to make farming, even on a small scale a business. Find Funding (Loans/Grants), Finding Farmland, Jobs and Internships and much more. USDA Provides Greater Protection for Fruit, Vegetable and Other Specialty Crop Growers Free Basic Coverage Plans and Premium Discounts Available for New, Underserved and Limited Income Farmers WASHINGTON, […] Read more »

How To Build A Herb Spiral

I like these, they would look good just about anywhere in your yard. Click on the link below for a lot more pictures. These days, I saw that many people who seemed to be interested in herb spirals, so, if done properly, they need little maintenance and can keep the herbs all around the year. […] Read more »

Alternatives to a Survival Retreat!

          Northwest Survival Retreat Ideal Population Map Nice map with some great info from Modernsurvivalblog.com For the curious, I put together this map awhile ago which illustrates perimeter regions surrounding the population centers of city regions containing populations of 50,000 (red circles) and 200,000 (blue circles) people in the states of Montana, Idaho, eastern […] Read more »

Tips For Hardcore Homesteading

This is some great info and a fun article to read from http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles/clay62.html Jackie’s tips for hardcore homesteading By Jackie Clay   Many of us have a garden and enjoy fresh vegetables during the summer and fall. Maybe we even have a few chickens for eggs and meat. But many of us may want to extend […] Read more »