Unusual Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

    42 Unusual Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide This large collection of reasons why you need Hydrogen Peroxide in your home and ways to use it for house cleaning , laundry, natural beauty recipes and even gardening. Hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic that is an odorless, colorless chemical compound comprised of water and oxygen. […] Read more »

cytokines TNF-a and IL-6 and mucous

MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY MOBILE  –  IMMUNOLOGY CHAPTER THIRTEEN CYTOKINES AND IMMUNOREGULATION  I. OVERVIEW  Cytokines are a diverse group of non-antibody proteins that act as mediators between cells. They were initially identified as products of immune cells that act as mediators and regulators of immune processes but many cytokines are now known to be produced by […] Read more »

Medical kits for self-reliant families

Medical kits for self-reliant families By Jackie Clay There may be a time, as close as tomorrow, when your loved ones need medication or medical treatment and there is no drug store open or doctor available. This may be as simple a situation as a head cold coming on during a weekend night, or more drastic, such as nothing […] Read more »


                PATIENT INFORMATION Modern media have made our world seem small. News about events around the world reaches us in minutes. We learn of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, industrial accidents and terrorist attacks immediately. TV teaches us that any disaster brings chaos to people and their environments. As a person […] Read more »

TEOTWAWKI Medical Kits

TEOTWAWKI Medical Kits What you stock up on should be related to what you know how to use and what you can obtain. There are potentially thousands of drugs, and different pieces of medical equipment, and you can’t stock everything. Fortunately it is possible to manage 90% of medical problems with only a moderate amount […] Read more »

Know First Aid And Home Nursing Step 7

The acquisition of First Aid and Home Nursing skills prepares individuals to serve effectively in a national emergency. If such an emergency occurs, the care of many thousands of injured or seriously ill persons becomes a tremendous task for the organized health services. Doctors and nurses may not be readily available to assist you. Thus […] Read more »