Muscovy Ducks for homesteading

Muscovy are the only domestic ducks that are not derived from Mallard stock. Originating from the Caribbean Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua and Honduras where the native culture values them for their meat, Muscovy aren’t really ducks, but rather large perching waterfowl (Cairina moschata). Muscovy ducks are great on the farm to control insects the natural way. They […] Read more »

Plant in your garden a year’s worth of food?

How much should you plant in your garden to provide a year’s worth of food? by BRENDA on APRIL 1, 2013 Do you know how much your family eats in a year’s time? As a farmer’s wife, I am keenly aware of how much meat, poultry, eggs, honey and dairy we consume. Raising enough food […] Read more »

Getting Tomatoes the water they need.

I had to save this on my blog, I thought it was a good idea to use in my own garden.  Read the comments that follow they have some useful information. I started may 28th planting 4 tomatoes around a garbage can with holes drilled in the bottom rim and a second row up about […] Read more »

How to Scarify Seeds

Scarification means scratching, notching or wearing down by mechanical or chemical means, hard seed hulls to promote germination. In nature, this process is generally accomplished by exposing the seed to freezing temperatures. However, the gardener can reproduce the effects of nature by several methods. Some seeds have especially thick or hard outer coatings surrounding them. […] Read more »

10 Creative Protein Sources for Chickens

 To Help You Save Money on Chicken Feed The bugs, grass, and pretty much all signs of life disappear for five months out of the year. Sometimes chicken feed, even the best feed, just doesn’t cut it. And if you free-range your chickens, you know that your feed costs go way up when the temperature […] Read more »

Harness the power of nature’s weed inhibitors

I have noticed that once my squash get established, weeds don’t do as well, this explains a lot. Most gardeners have heard of the “three sisters,” three food plants traditionally grown together by native Americans, and the supposed reasons why the crop combination works: The corn acts as a pole for the climbing beans; the […] Read more »

Icelandic Chickens: A Heritage Chicken Breed

Try Icelandic chickens, a colorful, self-reliant heritage chicken breed, to enjoy flavorful meat and excellent egg production. This is one of those articles that really interested me, these chickens sound like they would be perfect for my 4 acre homestead, Here’s the info from Mother earth news.   Norse settlers brought their home flocks to […] Read more »

Build Healthy Soil To Nourish Your Garden.

Some nice information on making your soil better, there’s many different ways and this is just another, but where one way isn’t right for one person another way is. Building Super Soil Soil is the crucial building block for a city farm. Learn how to build healthy soil to nourish your farm garden. By Jessica […] Read more »

How To Build A Herb Spiral

I like these, they would look good just about anywhere in your yard. Click on the link below for a lot more pictures. These days, I saw that many people who seemed to be interested in herb spirals, so, if done properly, they need little maintenance and can keep the herbs all around the year. […] Read more »