10 Weird Gardening Methods That Really Work

I like the one about growing in bales of hay even though those small bales are getting harder to find as a lot of farmers switch to the huge bales, they can still be found. There are so many different ways to garden that it would be hard to even list them all. We put […] Read more »


The following steps are suggestions, not instructions, based on Paul Gautschi’s experiences with creation and the Creator. We encourage people everywhere to spend time in the garden! Feel free to experiment, follow your intuition, learn from your mistakes, adapt to your local environment, and ultimately let God direct you on your journey back to Eden! […] Read more »

Controlling Weeds in Your Garden

I’ve learned a little bit about the power of mulch and the info below sure makes it look a lot easier so I’m all geared up to give it a try. My one problem was affordable mulch but I believe I have that solved I learned that if you  call your local electric company and see […] Read more »