Gulf Oil Spill, UN Gun Confiscation and Mass Relocation of Americans

I think there’s more then these 3 events that could be connected or are very closely related but that’s my opinion. One Man Connects the Dots Between the Gulf Oil Spill, UN Gun Confiscation and Mass Relocation of Americans Posted on April 13, 2015 by Dave Hodges The same person who oversaw the Great Gulf […] Read more »

Chaotic Times: Are we Ready and Prepared?

Great Article from Meridian Magazine By Carolyn Nicolaysen · January 19, 2015 Living in chaotic times means not only concerns about war and terrorism but also the consequences for our household budgets. Did you read Ronald Millet’s article last week California Egg Regulations and Creeping Tyranny? If you have not read it please do that. […] Read more »

Uncut Version of Gray State Released

Following Suspicious Death of Screenwriter, Uncut Version of Gray State Released – Watch It Here-While you can On Monday, it was reported the Gray State screenwriter David Crowley, his wife and five-year-old daughter were found dead in their home in what police are calling a “murder-suicide.” While the case is still under investigation, a rough […] Read more »

Russians to Rapidly Build 5000 Bomb Shelters in Moscow by 2012

I would guess there done by now, maybe that’s why Russia is starting to be a bit aggressive, time will tell but don’t wait until that time to start a little bit of preparation yourself. Mac Slavo In addition to previous reports that governments are accelerating preparedness plans across the globe, Russia Today reports […] Read more »


They Are Getting Ready: “No Obvious Reason” For Why China Is Massively Boosting Stockpiles of Rice, Iron Ore, Precious Metals, Dry Milk Mac Slavo If there were ever a sign that something is amiss, this may very well be it. United Nations agricultural experts are reporting confusion, after figures show that China imported 2.6 […] Read more »

These 15 Arguments Will Destroy Chemtrails Deniers

December 23, 2014 | By Bernie Suarez A. Admitting that spraying is real, it’s necessary, cheap, important, developing and well planned, all in an effort to save the planet. AND B. Simultaneously the government and in particular its politicians and media and (Hollywood) TV mouthpieces have made a collective decision to DENY chemtrails spraying 9/11 […] Read more »

Washington Seeks an Excuse to Wage a Nuclear War on Russia?

“We’re Close to the Precipice. Will the Public Remain Silent?” We have been close for awhile. The world is more nervous about the drift toward nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia than at any time since 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis. When French President Francois Hollande urgently side-tracked his return-flight from a diplomatic mission recently, in […] Read more »

Is Russia Preparing To Invade The US?

This is not one of those if, but when events, Russia and China will invade the USA in some way in the very near future. The Signs Continue To Unfold Around Us As Russia                Prepares A ‘Nuclear Surprise’                                                        By Live Free or Die Northern Europe is now beefing up air patrols to oppose […] Read more »

The Dark Secrets of Bohemian Grove

                     Bohemian Grove Exposed By David J. Stewart   The Dark Secrets of Bohemian Grove (Free Eye-opening Video by Alex Jones— 2:11 Hours) You are listening to an actually MP3 recording of the Bohemian Grove’s ‘Cremation of Care’ ceremony from July of 2000! | Download (769KB) […] Read more »

Are You Located Near A Terrorist Training Camp In America

Find Out Here A little unsettling but I’m really not that surprised considering who our so called President is. Posted on 9/15/2013 by Eliyokim Cohen IS THERE A JAMA ‘AT UL-FUQARA TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP NEAR YOU?   Here is a list of 30 Locations Inside the United States… 1.  Marion, Alabama 2.  Baladullah, California 3.  Oak […] Read more »