A few more years before Economic Collapse

I don’t think that we have a few more years but time will reveal all things, I would prepare as if we only had a few months, and then hope for a few more years. The Case Against Imminent Economic Collapse: “They Can Keep Bailing Things Out for Several More Years Without Fear of Collapse” […] Read more »

Why You Should Get Prepared Now

By Carolyn Nicolaysen · June 1, 2015 In a few short years our society has evolved from the opinion that emergency preparedness and home storage strategies were mainly for religious fanatics and conspiracy theorists, to the pragmatic reality now that disasters happen more often, the world has become more dangerous, and that in our upside-down […] Read more »

Heirloom Seed Companies

A very nice long list of places to get Heirloom seeds. Here is a useful list of 40+ 230+ companies supplying heirloom / non-GMO / organic seeds. If health is wealth, then this page is solid gold! 🙂 Please share this important information. If you have any additions or corrections for this list, please let […] Read more »

Jade Helm’s Trojan Horse

There’s been enough of these kind of articles to make the informed think that maybe this kind of information is not so much conspiracy but maybe truth, I fully believe our government is perfectly capable and willing of doing something like this. Dave Hodges | April 8, 2015 4:54 am In this series on the […] Read more »

Everyone Will Be Looking For This After The SHTF

If you’ve been prepping for more than, say, a day, you know to stockpile things like food, water, and first aid supplies. That’s the easy to remember stuff, right? We all know we’ll need to eat and stay hydrated. However, there are a number of things many preppers overlook in their planning. Things that will […] Read more »

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States

Isis and Iran have the same idea, will one of them pull it off. New ISIS threat: America’s electric grid; blackout could kill 9 of 10 Former top government officials who have been warning Washington about the vulnerability of the nation’s largely unprotected electric grid are raising new fears that troops from the jihadist Islamic […] Read more »

Food Storage Wisdom hopefully

A short article by Stephen Clay McGehee with a few ideas to start your food storage or add to it. A generation or two ago, families had the good sense to always maintain a good food storage program because they understood that bad things can happen to food supplies. At some point, America became complacent […] Read more »

Survival Skills Your Great-Grandparents Knew

That Most Of Us Have Forgotten Written by: Rich M Extreme Survival Our modern society is highly dependent upon we’ll call the “system.” Not only do we rely upon utility services to bring us electricity, water and natural gas, but also on an incredibly complex supply chain which provides us with everything from food to […] Read more »

If you want to survive an emergency, look to yourself, not the Government

Issue #96 • November/December, 2005 Backwoods Home Magazine by Dave Duffy Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath said what I could not have said convincingly in ten thousand words: The government cannot protect you in a major emergency. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hurricane, a terrorist attack, or a burglar breaking into your home in […] Read more »

Reasons to Start Homesteading Today

By Jill Winger So, you say you’re still on the fence about homesteading? I get it. I really do. Attempting to make the switch from buying all your food at the grocery store without a second thought, to someone who suddenly has an insatiable desire to garden and milk goats is quite the transition… Ya […] Read more »