How to Butcher a Chicken

This internet tutorial tells (and shows) you how to skillfully butcher a chicken in ten easy steps. Your instructor is Herrick Kimball, inventor of the world famous Whizbang Chicken Plucker. If you want to learn how to butcher a chicken, you’ve come to the right place. (Well not my place but there’s a link at […] Read more »

How To Butcher A Chicken

I had to put this on my blog, I have chickens that need to be butchered so I need to learn. Great step by step instruction. WARNING: PHOTOS OF BUTCHERING CHICKENS FOLLOW. KNIVES. BLOOD. DEATH. PROCEED WITH DISCRETION. The first of many harvests took place this weekend, as it was time to send our beloved (or […] Read more »

Preserving Meat By Curing and Smoking

And how to make your own Bacon – DIY Style by Dan Jablow In a future defined by increasingly expensive and/or scarce energy, food preservation skills will take on heightened importance. What if prolonged, unpredictable blackouts cause your refrigerated food to spoil frequently? Or rising inflation threatens to make tomorrow’s staples substantially higher than today’s? […] Read more »

Pemmican: pioneer and modern Recipes

Pemmican if made right will last a long time. Pemmican and How To Make It Part 1 When the white men set out across North America, a reliable supply of portable provisions was one of the major problems. Lacking the skills of the native hunters, it was doubtful that they could live off the country. […] Read more »

Survival Foods to Eat in the Winter to Keep Warm

Here’s some info on food that is nice to have in an emergency, or as the title suggests, in the winter time, but they are also great survival foods. One of the main ones that will come up in different lists is chocolate, a good candy bar in the winter when your nutritional needs are […] Read more »

Principles of Home Canning Part 2

Ensuring high-quality canned foods Home canning Begins with good-quality fresh foods suitable for canning. Quality varies among varieties of fruits and vegetables. Many county Extension offices can recommend varieties best suited for canning. Examine food carefully for freshness and wholesomeness. Discard diseased and moldy food. Trim small diseased lesions or spots from food. Can fruits and vegetables picked from […] Read more »