Shipping Containers or Box Culverts

I put a post on my blog about shipping containers but this sounds a lot better, safer, and cheaper. If you have looked into bunkers you may have read a lot about using shipping containers to do build them out of. I need you to read this article why you shouldn’t bury shipping containers before […] Read more »

The Fundamentals of Root Cellaring

Root cellars are as useful today as ever. In fact, root cellars in all forms are very up-to-date, what with the costs of food and its processing getting higher every year. As we see it, root cellars are right up there with wood heat, bicycles and backyard gardens as a simple, low-technology way of living […] Read more »

How to Create a Root Cellar for Food Storage

In our agrarian past, we didn’t have  a grocery store in every town receiving shipments of fresh fruits and vegetables from all corners of the world on a daily basis.  Food preservation was a necessity to survive the long winter in most locations.  Over the centuries, many have gotten their winter produce fix from a […] Read more »