Change Wind Corporations 36KW Helical Wind Turbine

In the industry of wind this 36KW Helical Wind Turbine that is only 30 ft tall  by Change Wind Corporation is a game changer, going into production this year it has the potential to really shake up the industry. There 252KW only 42 ft tall Helical Wind Turbine will shake it up even more…… Find out more at […] Read more »

Heirloom Seed Companies

A very nice long list of places to get Heirloom seeds. Here is a useful list of 40+ 230+ companies supplying heirloom / non-GMO / organic seeds. If health is wealth, then this page is solid gold! 🙂 Please share this important information. If you have any additions or corrections for this list, please let […] Read more »

Are we going to need outhouses in our future

The vanishing outhouse By Tom Kovach A person recently wrote to a large Midwest newspapers’ advice column asking for information about outdoor privies. It seems that this person’s family inherited a log cabin from out of the 1930s and it came with no indoor plumbing. Instead there was an outhouse. But the problem with the […] Read more »

Jade Helm’s Trojan Horse

There’s been enough of these kind of articles to make the informed think that maybe this kind of information is not so much conspiracy but maybe truth, I fully believe our government is perfectly capable and willing of doing something like this. Dave Hodges | April 8, 2015 4:54 am In this series on the […] Read more »

Inflatable Tent Turns Into Concrete

    This is a neat idea, I’m not sure how someone could use this in there own personal emergency storage, maybe in an earthquake when your house might get destroyed, but then you would need the water to harden it, But kind of cool anyway.        Concrete Canvas tents are “buildings in bag.” Watch as […] Read more »

Economic Collapse Skills You Can Trade

20 Skills You Can Trade After TEOTWAWKI Too many preppers have a romantic view of life after the end of the world. They see themselves as the hero of a post-apocalyptic movie, but the most likely scenario is far more depressing. Fernando Aguirre is a prepper who lived through the hyperinflationary collapse of Argentina in […] Read more »

Native American Survival Skills

Native Americans over the centuries learned many skills that allowed them to survive and live off the land without many of the conveniences that we have now,  and without the conveniences of the pioneers that settled the land 200 years ago.   It has been said that knowledge is power, and that applies to any […] Read more »

Alternatives to a Survival Retreat!

          Northwest Survival Retreat Ideal Population Map Nice map with some great info from For the curious, I put together this map awhile ago which illustrates perimeter regions surrounding the population centers of city regions containing populations of 50,000 (red circles) and 200,000 (blue circles) people in the states of Montana, Idaho, eastern […] Read more »

Eggshells, They Actually Heal Cavities

 I guess use this in combination with oil pulling using coconut oil and your teeth will feel like they did when you were young. The shell of an egg is such a common product that is readily discarded as useless. We don’t view it as anything beneficial to our household. Unfortunately, this is a common […] Read more »

10 Things you need to do to prepare for the move to the country

A nice article by Luke Lee from Backwoods Home Magazine, some good advice from those people who plan on Bugging out. There are three kinds of people who read this magazine: those already living in the country, those actively preparing and planning to make the move to the country, and lastly those who fantasize about […] Read more »