Off-Grid Power: What do I need?

Off-Grid Power: What do I need? Energy Source Why do I need it? In order to live “off-grid” you need a source of electricity that is self-renewing (e.g. comes from the sun, wind, or water). Solar panels, wind-mills, hydro-electric dams, and bicycle-generators are all examples of a renewable energy source you can use to create electricity. The problem is that […] Read more »

Will EMP Disable Solar Panels?

I thought this was some good information from many different people that left comments on the site  thats a good one….well a backup is a good idea for whatever reason. i think from my experience that it would be no need for a faraday. i would, with all working systems, install a cut off switch […] Read more »

Making a Faraday Blanket

Info from I have always wondered what to protect if I were to get a solar power system set up, I’ve searched the internet and the info is all over the board, some say your solar panels will be okey others say no they won’t, I’m pretty sure the other components of a solar […] Read more »