No Man Knoweth the Savior’s Return?….or Does He?

Blessed Friends, I have put together two timelines. One consist of the Savior’s return, which is not a secret to man, and the second the possible start of the Abomination of Desolation? I believe concrete scriptural data supports both, but as always, I ask and invite you to please pray and receive your own personal […] Read more »


I find that this same mentality exists even among  people I talk with, most people are of the mind set that if the United States hasn’t had a total collapse of the economy before or some other major event in the past 50 years it’s never going to happen. And that mindset will only do […] Read more »

The Constitution is not a living document

I have posted a few articles from the internet explaining why the Constitution is not a living document, they explain it better then I could, but suffice it to say that if it were a living document it would be a lot easier to distort,manipulate and ruin if it were, as far as I’m concerned […] Read more »

Oil In Our Lamps

  This is the first part of a story about Unfinished Business, and in this world of many feeling the need to be more prepared, rather it be food storage or other types of emergency preparedness, this story is about the here and now, Oil In Our Lamps Harold B Lee related a story that […] Read more »

How Should You Prepare for Difficult Times?

A middle-aged entrepreneur from the American Midwest speaks with obvious satisfaction about the condominium he plans to move his family into within the next few years. Married with four children, he considers himself a family man and a dedicated member of a non-denominational Christian church. While he does not yet have a firm move-in date, […] Read more »

The Christian Prepper’s Response When the SHTF

Most Preppers are a very caring and giving bunch.  But when it comes to a SHTF event, many plan on circling the wagons and taking care of their own.  Honestly, I can’t argue with that.  I totally understand it.  I mean, Preppers are responsible and we sacrifice, make decisions, plan now so that our families […] Read more »

CIVIL WAR II What does are government know

I’m sure most of you would agree that there’s a lot that are government is hiding from us, but to what extent we can only guess and then prepare for the worst just like they are. We don’t have the trillions of dollars that the government has so what can we do? Just thought I […] Read more »

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) 250 miles above Kansas

How Long Can You Tread Water? A great  piece that covers many aspects of what would happen if a EMP did indeed hit the USA. I might add one small note but one that is important. This article talks about how people will turn on other people, many, that in your wildest dreams you would not […] Read more »