Pemmican, native American survival foods

Here’s a few sites that I came across to teach you how to make pemmican, if done right it will last a long time without refrigeration. Also a few other good survival foods are found within these pages.   By Filip Tkaczyk Are you looking for some excellent pemmican recipes? Wait, what is this thing […] Read more »

52 Week Food Storage Plan

For the 52nd week of Dec. 27-31 Week # 52: 50 lbs of Rice (If you can’t accomplish this in 1 week, don’t worry, just take your time and do it in steps.) Rice: This week we are talking about rice. Rice is a grain that can easily be purchased and stored (although not easily […] Read more »

8 Foods You Should Be Storing

Everyone knows we should be storing some kind of food in our home pantries for both emergencies and preparedness. But how do you know where to start or which foods to store? I see lots of lists on foods folks think you should be storing for your long term food storage. Some of them I […] Read more »

Milk Kefir What is it?

This is Something that I found while surfing the Web, I have never heard of this stuff. Sounds interesting and I’m always open to ways to hopefully keep me Healthy Milk Kefir: What It Is & How to Brew It OCTOBER 13, 2009 BY JENNY Milk kefir is, to put it lightly, an acquired taste.   Sour and […] Read more »


Dandelions just keep getting better. Dandelions are a leafy green that boasts a rich source of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, Omega-3, protein and much more. Many cultures worldwide have made the dandelion a staple in their diet. Here in North America, many are still slow at accepting the dandelion as a valuable source of food. […] Read more »


Another reason why you need Boron in your diet and food storage, some foods like raisins have small amounts of Boron, but you can also get a good dose from 20 mule team Borax. Folks, we have a real situation going on over in FUKUSHIMA , Japan. After Chernobyl (which means Wormwood, in Russian), there was […] Read more »

What Does Grapefruit Seed Extract Do?

I had someone tell me about Grapefruit extract and it sounds like the perfect item to have in your emergency survival storage. ∙Grapefruit seed-extract is used in humans to battle many types of internal and external infections caused from single and multi-celled parasites, fungi, viruses, and bacteria ( ∙The greatest benefit of grapefruit seed-extract is […] Read more »

Survival Foods to Eat in the Winter to Keep Warm

Here’s some info on food that is nice to have in an emergency, or as the title suggests, in the winter time, but they are also great survival foods. One of the main ones that will come up in different lists is chocolate, a good candy bar in the winter when your nutritional needs are […] Read more »