Indeterminate And Determinate Tomatoes

Some great information from Are there different types of tomato leaves? Yes, There are two leaf types, Regular (RL) & Potato Leaf (PL) and there are also leaf variations for both types, (Rugose-a darker green rough-surfaced leaf, or Angora–a fuzzy, hairy type regular leaf.) Regular Leaf is the most typical leaf type with leaf edges […] Read more »

Harvesting Tomato Seeds

Nice information to have on hand. August 12, 2013 by Kristi As I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Harvesting Seeds from Your Garden post, saving seeds is one of my favorite ways to be sustainable. I love how from saving the seed to eating the fruit to saving the seed again brings us […] Read more »

10 Incredible Uses for Epsom Salt in the Garden

I just found out about using Epsom salt in my garden just a little while ago so I’m excited to try it on my tomatoes to see if it does what they say, hopefully I’ll be able to update this post with some positive results. Epsom salt is comprised of hydrated magnesium sulfate, a naturally occurring […] Read more »

13 Do’s & Do Not’s of Growing Tomatoes

I’ve learned a few items of interest for my tomato growing,  I’m sure there’s more but this is a good start from Don’t Purchase seedlings that have flowers on them. You may think you are getting a head start, but really what the plants need to do first is establish their roots, not produce […] Read more »

Many different kinds of heirloom tomatos

I’ll be planting about 8 different types of Heirloom tomatos this spring, all of which will be great tasting, which is the one big difference between store bought and the ones you raise in your garden, taste. An heirloom tomato is an open-pollinated (non-hybrid) cultivar of tomato. Heirloom tomatoes have become increasingly popular and more readily available […] Read more »