Faith and Religion

This section is items that I have collected that are perhaps meant to inspire or  motivate some to prepare for the times when this great country of ours collapses from its own foolishness and wickedness of the majority and of course our so called leaders that have created the laws over the past 100 years that have lead to this point in history,one thing I have noticed with all the stuff I have read is that a lot of prophecies and scripture in the Old and New Testament make a lot more sense when you realize that there referring to the United States, not all of them of course, but a lot, and some of the dates that are floating around on the web and the research that backs them up are within a few years of each other even though different faiths are represented.  On my other page that just says NEWS is mostly political that shows some of the garbage our country has been doing that will and is matching those dates that those with faith and a belief in God have been coming up with.  Will these dates prove to be the dates that are of great religious importance, I think so I’m about 98 percent certain but I always leave open that belief that God knows a lot more then I do and knows whats best, but that 98 percent is enough that makes me want to prepare in all aspects of my life.lunar t