Fresh Water Well


Having a fresh water well when the economy crashes is on the top of the list as far as your water source goes, but you also need away to get to that water if your running a pump that is tied to the grid because when the crud hits the fan that ability to get your water is gone. Probably the number one item to have for your well would be an old fashioned hand pump. pumpsNumber two is to have the ability to run your pump on solar power which if you can get a pump that runs 110 instead of 240 your power requirements would be far less and your expenses for the solar equipment would be less, BUT and there’s always a BUT when your dealing with any kind of technology during a major crises situation. For one thing if there were an EMP (Electro magnetic Pulse) your equipment for running your pump might get fried which is why its nice to have a hand pump around, also you could build a Faraday cage to protect your electronics. If you have a water source you will be ahead of the game but if you don’t there are other options, depending on where you live you could dig a well or if you live close to rivers or lakes you could pump it out of there but you would need away to purify your drinking water, water is the key to survival, if you live in a big city and all of a sudden there power for pumping that water is gone or as I have told many people if I lived in Phoenix on a 115 degree day and life as you know it came to a screeching halt and you couldn’t depend on the government for water you might as well kiss your butt goodbye, my only advice if you believe that something major is going to happen and you live in a major metropolitan area is to get out NOW.