Why start a garden, My top reason would be freedom and independence, if done right a garden can provide for a family not only in the summer but you can reap the benifits through the Fall,Winter and Spring, they did it in the old days why not now.

Another good reason for gardening is for safe and healthy food, “Reports of food-borne illnesses and contamination have been widely publicized. Interest in organic gardening and the availability of organic produce has increased. Consumers are aware of additives and preservatives found in processed foods.

“An easy solution to these concerns is to grow your own fruits and vegetables. It is estimated that during World War II, 20 million homeowners had Victory Gardens that produced close to 40 percent of the fresh produce consumed in the United States. Start your own garden and know that the foods you and your family are eating are fresh and safe.”

Garden as if your life depended on it, Because it does, when that time comes when things in this country collapse and its not if but when, having just a small bit of knowledge and experence with gardening will put you ahead of the game of most people and will provide you with one more item in your  arsenal of preparedness, not just for you but for your family.

  We’ve become accustomed to earning money with which we buy provisions. That process is about to have the legs kicked out from under us. Gardening is fairly easy to learn the basics unlike some other skills that would be of great worth in a post collapse economy,more on those skills on other pages. One of the most important items to have for your garden that you can start right now without to much expence is to  acquire heirloom seeds because you will want to have seeds for the next year if there are no stores available for you to buy some more.