On this page which is about homesteading, most people would consider homesteadingHomestead Plan and having a hobby farm one and the same and I’m one of those that is not sure so for that reason I have two separate pages one for homesteading and one for hobby farms. I tend to lean toward the idea that a hobby farm is just that, a hobby but it is still a great way to prepare for self sufficiency and for TEOTWAWKI and having a homestead is someone who would like to get off the grid and be self sufficient NOW. As for myself I guess I would have what many would consider a hobby farm but I would like to transition to homesteading and for me that would be adding solar to my home so that I could be off the grid, getting a few more animals to give me that variety  and also I do have a well so I would need to pump my water with solar power or get a hand pump also just in case. The many options are probably endless and in the end hobby farm and having homesteading is just one and the same but it all comes down to being prepared for what is to come in the future or just enjoying yourself, because both options depending on what word you prefer are going to give you fresher vegetables and fruit and if your raising any kind of animal for meat you will have the peace of mind knowing where it came from and what went into it.