Skills needed when SHTF

This article is from the survivalmom I reproduced the first half because it brings home a point about the skills needed when SHTF, most of what I will cover here is real skills needed to survive, skills that will feed you and your family and hopefully keep you warm and alive. But when I talk to people the first skill that is needed is to get your head out of the sand and realize what is going on in the world and do something about preparing for when the SHTF, most people I talk to don’t even want to consider  this great country failing and going into  total economic collapse, but I see those signs everyday. Whats the first step in overcoming an addiction, its recognizing that you have one, people need to recognize whats a coming and be prepared for it, just that one thing that you plant in your head will help a lot when the SHTF. I hate surprises, I don’t want to be surprised I want to be prepared.

It’s All in Your Head

Human bodies don’t normally fly through the air, but last
year that’s exactly what I witnessed while waiting for a red
light to turn green.head in sand
I was sitting in my Tahoe at an intersection not far from
home when I heard the loud rumble of a truck engine. I
couldn’t quite believe my eyes when a green pick-up
veered around me, raced into the intersection and plowed
into a white sedan. While my mind was registering this violent
accident, I saw a scarecrow fly through the air. I took
a few deep breaths, tried to remember the details of how
the accident happened and waited to give my eyewitness
account to the police who appeared on the scene within
My mind re-played the scene, always with that scarecrow
flying out of the truck and into the adjacent field. It wasn’t
until a half hour later, when I saw EMTs trying to revive a
young man did I realize that what I had actually seen was
his body at the moment it was ejected from the front seat.
Even now, when I remember the accident, I don’t see a human.
Instead, the image of a scarecrow is imprinted in my
brain because humans don’t fly through the air!
Normalcy Bias defined
This is an example of Normalcy Bias, a survival mechanism our brains are equipped with that can place us in grave danger when we’re faced with something traumatic. Simply put, it causes our brains to insist that all is okay. Everything will return to normal. For most of us who have never
faced true peril, Normalcy Bias tells us that nothing bad will ever happen. “This is America!,” some people insist when I tell them about the possibility of a deeper Depression or hyperinflation. Incredibly, the most obvious warning signs are ignored. This explains why so many Jews continued living in Germany, even after they were forced to wear identifying yellow
stars and discriminatory laws were passed against Jewish people. Life had been so good for so long that, surely, things would get better. Jews who could have easily afforded to move out of the country stayed, and perished. Oncoming hurricanes and similar disasters elicit similar reactions. We simply expect life to go on as it always has, and our brains are wired to accept that and nothing else. A driver attempts to cross a flooded river. Thousands of New Orleans residents faced with Hurricane Katrina refuse to leave the city, and city officials don’t even make an attempt to evacuate them. One survivor from 9/11 tells of going blind
as she saw dozens of human bodies hitting the ground outside
the Twin Towers. Our brains can accommodate billions of bits of information each day, but apparently, there are some things too terrible to comprehend. Those of us who believe in preparedness, whether beginners
or veterans, know the frustration of trying to convince loved ones that the future is not at all secure, but the Normalcy Bias isn’t something we can debate. It’s not based on logic or rational thought. It’s the brain, doing its best to help its human owner deal with terrifying events and possibilities,
as well as with escalating situations whose logical, final outcomes can’t be accepted.
Here’s another example from just last month…
If you had told me two months ago that American citizens would meekly line up to walk through powerful x-ray machines that would strip them bare before low-level TSA employees, I would have said, “Never!” If you had told me that, as an option, they would stand with arms raised while their
crotches were groped and would allow their pre-schoolers to be similarly molested, I would have laughed. Yet, that is exactly what is happening, and we hear of similar searches planned for train stations, hotels, and more. The water is heating up and most of the frogs are oblivious.
“Life will get back to normal.” “There’s nothing wrong with this!”
Each week brings another repressive ruling, and still, most American citizens insist there is no reason for concern. New legislators will make everything right again. This is just temporary. Whatever comes next will, again, be excused and accepted.
Normalcy Bias, although deeply ingrained in the human brain, doesn’t have to control our futures or place us in harm’s way. The first step in being prepared is becoming educated. Knowing about this bias, what it can do, and how it can be controlled will help you become a SurvivalMom in every sense of the word!
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