Solar off Grid

A solar off grid solar electric power system is an ideal prep for the modern survivalist in that it can partially or totally relinquish you from dependence upon other systems, which themselves are vulnerable to disruption or panels

Off-grid systems also enable the ability to live away from the main stream, which opens the door to properties which may be more affordable than others that require connectivity to public systems. Even if living in suburbia, installing an off-grid system to be next to the existing grid system will provide you with a completely separate electrical circuit (separate outlets, etc… however you design it), reduce your dependency on the grid system, as well as provide a back-up means of electrical power during an outage or disaster situation.

One notation however, be aware that while your neighbors are all without electricity, it may be obvious that you still have yours and invite knocks on your door if the situation endures too long.

In fact, this will be true in all aspects for those that have prepared. If the down-time of a disaster becomes longer than the period of time that others are able to endure (those that have not prepared), you will surely begin to get people at your door looking for help and handouts. At this point, some serious judgment on your part will need to take place. Personally, I believe preppers should plan to keep some extra for charity in this situation, while at the same time not advertising your true storage. In most cases, giving to others will create beneficial good, which will come back to you in one way or another.

Back to off-grid solar power…

This summary is intended to provide a very high level overview. There is much more to it than just these basic elements, things such as circuit breakers, interconnecting cabling, safety considerations, and technical know-how.

Having said that, the following comprises the major parts of a typical off-grid system and can be split up into four areas, each with their own function and purpose as listed here in the correct order of their functions.

  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels
  • Charge Controller
  • Battery Bank
  • DC to AC Inverter