Harness the power of nature’s weed inhibitors

I have noticed that once my squash get established, weeds don’t do as well, this explains a lot. Most gardeners have heard of the “three sisters,” three food plants traditionally grown together by native Americans, and the supposed reasons why the crop combination works: The corn acts as a pole for the climbing beans; the […] Read more »

The Advantage of having an Aquaponic System

Aquaponics is an integrated aquaculture (growing fish) and hydroponic (growing soilless plants) system that mutually benefits both environments.  Aquaponics uses no chemicals, requires one tenth or 10% ofuaculturthe water needed for field plant production and only a fraction of the water that is used for fish culture (Aqe). The waste from fish tanks is treated with […] Read more »

13 Do’s & Do Not’s of Growing Tomatoes

I’ve learned a few items of interest for my tomato growing,  I’m sure there’s more but this is a good start from   gardeningjones.com Don’t Purchase seedlings that have flowers on them. You may think you are getting a head start, but really what the plants need to do first is establish their roots, not produce […] Read more »

Companion gardening with Chickens

Companion gardening with Chickens doing the weeding. I can’t remember where I came across this idea, probably from where this article came from  simple-green-frugal-co-op.blogspot.com I liked the idea because I have a big garden and a bunch of chickens so I might as well put them to work. The one I have in mine will be […] Read more »