Tips for Selecting This Year’s heirloom Seeds

Overwhelmed by all the crops available in seed catalogs? Use these tips to narrow your search and make the most of your limited garden space. By Rachel Tayse Baillieul Many gardeners spend the dark, cold days of late winter pouring over bright seed catalogs. Between the beautiful illustrations, enticing descriptions and inspiration of a new […] Read more »

Best Places to Find Heirloom Seeds

Grow a pest- and disease-free garden rich in diversity by paying attention to where you source your seeds. By Diana Williams It’s getting that time of year to start planting, if you can, go heirloom. Growing a bumper crop this year will depend on the quality of seed you plant plant. If you’re looking for […] Read more »

Learning Skills for your Modern Homestead

     The best way to start into homesteading is to just jump right in, pick something that your interested in doing and go for it. For me that was learning how to garden a bit better then I have in the past, and then we added a couple pigs and then some chickens. Later on […] Read more »

Organizing Garden Seeds

I thought this was a good idea so I thought I would save it. January 14, 2015 by Montana Homesteader I’ve been gardening for many years and until this year, never had a decent system to organize my seeds. I always used to keep all my seed packets in one big bag or box. What […] Read more »

Harvesting Tomato Seeds

Nice information to have on hand. August 12, 2013 by Kristi As I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Harvesting Seeds from Your Garden post, saving seeds is one of my favorite ways to be sustainable. I love how from saving the seed to eating the fruit to saving the seed again brings us […] Read more »

Saving Seeds From Your Garden

Being self sufficient not only requires growing your own food but also providing your own seeds collected from the previous years crops. These techniques have become a bit of a lost art to most people today who aren’t farmers because seeds can just be repurchased every year from the store.   The problem with gardens […] Read more »

Survival Seeds, Every family should have a supply

Survival Seeds — Every family should have a robust store of garden seeds I love tomatoes. Love fresh tomatoes in salads, tomato sauce over pasta, pizza with tomato sauce and topping’s — all wonderful. Tomato with fresh mozzarella, basil, and aged balsamic vinegar is truly a gift from god and nature. For those who are over age 30, as I […] Read more »

Get Your Heirloom Seeds Before This Happens Here

PERSONAL FOOD PRODUCTION NO LONGER A HUMAN RIGHT IN NZ?? This is SO wrong and so SICK on so many levels.  Astounding! Borrowed from I was shocked to learn from a friend on the weekend that a new Food Bill is being brought in here in New Zealand. The new bill will make it a […] Read more »

Diatomaceous Earth in preserving seeds.

A Lot of info about preserving seeds, and just a little bit about Diatomaceous Earth but you don’t need to know to much accept that it is a good way to help preserve seeds from insects when freezing and other methods are not available.   For thousands of years people have been preserving seeds, and not […] Read more »