Heirloom Seed Companies

A very nice long list of places to get Heirloom seeds. Here is a useful list of 40+ 230+ companies supplying heirloom / non-GMO / organic seeds. If health is wealth, then this page is solid gold! 🙂 Please share this important information. If you have any additions or corrections for this list, please let […] Read more »

Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto. Ones that are not.

A nice list of where to get Heirloom seeds vs the others, like hybrid and as the list mentions, avoid the Monsanto garbage, there hard to avoid sense there everywhere but it’s worth the effort to at least try. A List of Some Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto Or Sell Monsanto And Seminis Seeds – […] Read more »

Best Places to Find Heirloom Seeds

Grow a pest- and disease-free garden rich in diversity by paying attention to where you source your seeds. By Diana Williams It’s getting that time of year to start planting, if you can, go heirloom. Growing a bumper crop this year will depend on the quality of seed you plant plant. If you’re looking for […] Read more »


HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU PLANT TO FEED                            YOUR FAMILY?   Picture from http://shtfdad.com/much-need-plant-feed-family/ First step, Start Off with good Heirloom Seeds Do you know how much your family eats in a year’s time?  I am keenly aware of how much meat, poultry, eggs, […] Read more »

Planting guide per person

 A nice simple list. How many seeds/plants do you need to plant if you want to feed your family fresh produce during the growing season, and can enough to last the rest of the year? The planting guide below gives you a good idea of how much of each plant/seed you will need per person, as chart […] Read more »

The Myth of Organic Seeds, Try Heirloom Instead

Great info so you don’t waste your money on seeds that you think are heirloom but are not. Over the course of the last couple of decades we’ve been faced with a new choice. Not that the choice wasn’t available to make before that, but for  thirty  years we didn’t even consider the impact of […] Read more »