10 Things you need to do to prepare for the move to the country

A nice article by Luke Lee from Backwoods Home Magazine, some good advice from those people who plan on Bugging out. There are three kinds of people who read this magazine: those already living in the country, those actively preparing and planning to make the move to the country, and lastly those who fantasize about […] Read more »

Monthly Food Storage Purchasing Calendar and Plan

Monthly Food Storage Purchasing Calendar Compiled by Andrea Chapman If you are just starting out, this calendar can be used any year. Just start with the current month’s items. We have tried to keep the costs down to between $35 and $45 per week. This might seem rather costly, but if you want to build a good food […] Read more »

I don’t know, but I’m still planting cherry trees

Wilford Woodruff was known for doing today what needed to be done, without undue concern for what might occur in the future. On one occasion he was asked when the world was coming to an end. He replied, “Well, I don’t know, but I am still planting cherry trees.” Now, please consider the following parable about […] Read more »

Know Your Municipal Plan Step 10

It is important that your local municipality have a plan for a war emergency. And it is just as important that you know that plan. Over the past several years, provincial and municipal governments, with the assistance of federal authorities, have been steadily developing plans for the protection of the population and the continuity of […] Read more »