Russians to Rapidly Build 5000 Bomb Shelters in Moscow by 2012

I would guess there done by now, maybe that’s why Russia is starting to be a bit aggressive, time will tell but don’t wait until that time to start a little bit of preparation yourself. Mac Slavo In addition to previous reports that governments are accelerating preparedness plans across the globe, Russia Today reports […] Read more »

How to Survive a Russian Invasion of the United States

A nightmare scenario from the Cold War finally unfolds. Year 2015. Russia invades the United States, decimating cities, seizing soft targets and critical infrastructure. Think you’re safe out in the countryside? Not if you live near one of these “10 soft targets of strategic importance” that may be crucial to a Russian take-over. Yes, it’s […] Read more »

Western Bankers Have Committed Two Acts Of War Against Russia

December 23, 2014 | By Dave Hodges | Sleuth Journal, US News, World News In the past several days, Western bankers have committed two overt acts of war against Russia, namely, the plunging of oil prices and the recent cutting off of all liquidity to Russian banks. This reminds me of the days before World […] Read more »

Washington Seeks an Excuse to Wage a Nuclear War on Russia?

“We’re Close to the Precipice. Will the Public Remain Silent?” We have been close for awhile. The world is more nervous about the drift toward nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia than at any time since 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis. When French President Francois Hollande urgently side-tracked his return-flight from a diplomatic mission recently, in […] Read more »

Russia’s Military Begins Massive Nuclear War Drill

Russia’s Military Begins Massive Nuclear War Drill Another reason to have your emergency preparedness ready as if you needed another one. On Thursday, 10,000 Russian troops began a drill simulating the massive use of nuclear missiles. By Zachary Keck March 29, 2014 While much Western attention has been bestowed on Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine, Moscow […] Read more »

Ukraine, Another reason to Prepare

Just a few of the Headlines on the Drudge report, how long do you think before it spills over here.  Time to prepare as if anyone needed another reason. Nato warns that Russia is risking Europe’s peace and security Tensions rise as Vladimir Putin mobilizes all reservists and US Secretary of State John Kerry flies […] Read more »

Russia And China ‘In Agreement’ Over Ukraine

Inside Obama’s Plans to Squeeze Russia Oh Please give me a break, by the time you put economic sanctions on a country like Russia they have taken over all of Ukraine not just the Crimea region. Here’s the article from I don’t believe a bit of it will make any difference especially sense you have […] Read more »