Cold Frames and Hot Beds Difference

Some great info on the difference between Cold Frames and hot Beds from the   To get the most out of a garden, you can extend the growing season by sheltering plants from cold weather both in early spring and during the fall. Very ambitious gardeners harvest greens and other cool-weather crops all winter […] Read more »

Make Your Own Coldframe for winter gardening

This has given me a few ideas of my own, one of the pictures in this article shows using hay bails which could then be ploughed in your soil come spring when your done with your cold-frame A cold-frame is one of the easiest ways to extend your growing and harvest season.  A coldframe—simply an […] Read more »

Season-Extending Techniques for your garden

I’m trying to keep my tomatoes alive, plastic helps. I also saw a product at our local hardware store that you spray on plants and it helps them to withstand lower temperatures. Few gardeners are content with the length of their growing season. In the far North, there’s barely enough time to ripen tomatoes or […] Read more »

How to Build an Inexpensive Hoop-Style Greenhouse

Green houses are expensive but they can be built with minimum expense compared to the fancier ones and do just as good of a job for a lot less money. One of the most valuable assets in my garden is my Hoop-Style  greenhouse. It has allowed me to grow plants that I normally would not be […] Read more »

Winter Gardening in Utah and Idaho

This is something I really need to consider, two reasons I usually have a lot of vegetables left when it starts freezing and I’ve ran out of bottles to can what’s left.  (Why do they call it canning when you use bottles) and I’ve ran out of freezer space, I guess that’s 3 reasons. Cool weather vegetables […] Read more »