campingSome might wonder why one of my pages for my preparedness blog is Vacations.  The first thought that came to my mind was that when the economy collapses or the crap hits the fan what would be the first thing to disappear, yes that would be vacations, that moment in time where you can just go and vegetate and leave all your worries behind, and just plain relax. So what does having a page devoted to vacations have to do with survival and preparedness, well for one big reason if you can go and spend quality time with your family and can afford it DO IT NOW, its the same as Gold and Silver or storing away some food storage if you can do it now DO IT because there will be a time when preparing has past and then you will be trying to survive.   But then I got to thinking about it a bit more and one idea that I have seen people that I know do is to gear there vacations toward being prepared. One of the pages on my blog is Skills needed when SHTF a lot of vacation time can be geared toward just that learning Skills, it might be just as simple as going on a campout with your family so that they can get the feel for sleeping in a tent or even sleeping beneath the stars, with some families I know hunting season is a family affair not just for the man to get out of the house for a few days without his wife.  Other people spend their vacation time going to a survival camp where you learn some real hard core skills.   If those ideas don’t appeal to you look at all my pages and each one I bet could revolve around a vacation, for example gardening, hobby farm, food storage and most of the others , with gardening there are places to visit where you could learn some basics or more advanced gardening skills, there are places to bring the whole family and actually can some food not to mention going to a shooting range and learning how to handle a firearm. A lot of future posts will go into more detail on some of these options